Is 8 yd greater than 288 in.


Answer 1
Answer: 3 feet is equal to 1 yard and 3 feet is 36 inches. 288 inches divided by 36 is 8 so 8 yards is equal to 288 inches.

Answer 2
Answer: I believe they are the same since one yard is 36 in, so 8x36 is 288. Hope i helped :)

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What is the volume of the prism
There is a chain nailed to the wall. The chain is 10 feet long and the center of the chain dips down 5 feet from where each side of the chain is nailed to the wall. How far are the 2 ends of chain from each other?
Raymond just got done jumping at Super Bounce Trampoline Center. The total cost of his session was $43.25 . He had to pay a $7 entrance fee and $1.25 for every minute he was on the trampoline. Write an equation to determine the number of minutes (t) that Raymond was on the trampoline.
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A new gold phone has different prices for different types....$1,544
$1,423 and $1,242 -again.....what is the range of the prices shown above?



The range will simply be the absolute value of the difference between the highest and lowest price.

The highest price is $2285.

The lowest price is $1116.

The absolute value of the difference between these two prices is:

|2285 - 1116| = 1169

The range of the prices for the gold phone is $1169.

The height of a door is 210 cm. Darren is 5/6 of the height of the door.
What is Darren’s height?


210 / 6 = 35


This means that 1/6 of 210 is 35.


What is 5/6 of 210 though??

If 1/6 of 210 is 35, 5/6 of 210 is...

5 x 35 = 175


Answer: 175 cm

charlie gathers apples pears and plums. the number of apples and plums are 10 partners, there are the same number of apples and pears. how many pieces of fruit could Chalie gather?



Charlie could gather 30 pieces of fruits

Step-by-step explanation:

Given that : Charlie gathers apples pears and plums. The number of apples and plums are 10 partners, there are the same number of apples and pears.

Number of partners of apples and plums = 10

⇒ Number of apples = number of Plums = 10.

Also, number of apples and number of pears are same, therefore, number of pears = 10.

⇒ Total number of pieces of fruits = 10 + 10 + 10 = 30.

Therefore, Charlie could gather 30 pieces of fruits

2×10=20 apples and plums that Chalie should gather

wes is pouring himself some ketchup to eat with his patato wedges is it resonable to say that wes will need 2 fluid ounces


Yes. A fluid ounce for example is like a medicine cup, small
it is not like e medicine cup it is like the whole bottle of medicine so in my opinion it is way to much.

Subtract 3a^2+5ab−4b^2 from 8a^2−6ab+4b^2




Step-by-step explanation:

(8a^2-6ab+4b^2)-(3a^2+5ab-4b^2)\n\n=8a^2-6ab+4b^2-3a^2-5ab-(-4b^2)\n\n=8a^2-6ab+4b^2-3a^2-5ab+4b^2\qquad\text{combine like terms}\n\n=(8a^2-3a^2)+(-6ab-5ab)+(4b^2+4b^2)\n\n=5a^2-11ab+8b^2

Solve then graph x^2-2x


That expression isn't an equation. So it asks no question, and has no solution or graph. It simply represents a number, which depends on the value of 'x'.