Who united the small kingdoms of Egypt into one land? A. Kush
B. Nubia
C. Hyksos
D. Menes


Answer 1


menes did


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The three european nations who fought together in world war i as the allies
Why does our society have more goods and services to offer
After the louisiana purchase, from which country did the united states gain the most territory
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Who did Parliament hope to save from ruin by passing the Tea Act


It was primarily the British colonies themselves that Parliament hoped to save from ruin by passing the Tea Act, since they thought this would bring in crucial revenue needed to pay the state governors. 

How do new ideas change the way people live?


They can be used in more helpfull ways.

What would James Madison say about allowing a person elected to the house of representatives to serve at the same time on the supreme court? Explain his thinking.


According to James Madison, a same person must never be allowed to be a legislator and a judge at the same time, there has to be a separation of power.

What is meant by the doctrine of Separation of power ?

The doctrine of Separation of powers refers to the division of a state into branches and sub-branches. Each branch having defined, separate, independent powers and responsibilities, such that the powers of one branch are not in conflict with those of the other branches.

Madison proposed and supported the idea of providing the judiciary an active role in legislation. Although, he was worried that judges would never possess the same political advantages and privileges as legislators.

He also believed that the Supreme Court would play a critical role in maintaining the equilibrium of the entire federal system.

In case, a person occupying both judiciary and legislature at the same time could result in tyranny of an individual  or group of individuals, as the judiciary acts as check and balance force in a federal system.

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In order to prevent tyranny and monarchy in America, the constitution provided a set of checks and balances to ensure that one branch of the government could not rule by itself.  A person serving as both a representative in the house and a member of the supreme court would be working for two of the three branches of the government (legislative and judicial).  If one person were allowed to serve for both, they might influence others in both branches to side with them or to further their own political agenda and with support of two of the branches, such a person might become a threat to the system. 

Life for an average Egyptian was carefree and easy
Yes or no


No it wasn't care free because they have rules that they should follow and obey

No because the Egyptians were used as slaves if they were peasants. They built temples and pyramids and worked really hard all day. It was also very hot, cause as you can imagine, they were probably in the desert. So no, life for them was not carefree nor easy at all.

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How is present Jewish culture is strongly connected to its past?


1) The Torah which we possess is exactly the same as thousands ofyears ago.
2) All of our festivals commemorate events in our early history.

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how might the location of the chattahoochee river have contributed to the develpoment of the trade in Georgia?


It allowed Columbus to become a thriving cotton-marketing center with unobstructed river travel to the Gulf of Mexico.

The Appalachian Trail passes the river's uppermost headwaters. From its source in the Blue Ridge Mountains, the Chattahoochee River runs southwesterly to Atlanta and through its neighborhoods. It ultimately turns due-south to form the southern half of the Georgia/Alabama state line. The Chattahoochee River begins in the southeast corner of Union County, Georgia, in the southern Appalachian Mountains and flows southwesterly through the Atlanta metropolitan area before stopping in Lake Seminole, at the Georgia-Florida border. The river runs for a total interval of about 434 miles.