Keiko’s teacher was discussing the theory of endosymbiosis. She asked Keiko to mark the organelles in the diagram that most closely resembled prokaryotes. Which organelles should Keiko mark?


Answer 1


The correct answer would be mitochondria or chloroplast.

Endosymbiosis refers to the evolution theory which explains the origin of eukaryotic cells from prokaryotic cells.

It is believed that cell organelles like chloroplast, mitochondria et cetera were free-living early prokaryotic cells which were taken inside the other cells by the process of endosymbiosis. It led to the origin of eukaryotic cells which were able to perform photosynthesis.

Thus, Keiko should mark chloroplast or mitochondria in the diagram.

Answer 2


mitochondria, chloroplast


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Which description best explains Watson and Crick's DNA model?


Answer: Double Helix model of DNA

Explanation: Which description best explains Watson and Crick's DNA model?. A:DNA single stranded molecule that has nitrogenus base towards its exterior . . B:DNA is a double-helix made of 2 strands linked together with hydrogen bonds . C:DNa is a double-helix that contains nitrogenious bases towards its exterior.

The double Helix model of DNA proposed by Watson and Crick is the most widely accepted model for the structure of the DNA. It features a right-handed double stranded polynucleotide DNA with molecules spirally twisted around each other and coiled around a common axis. Consisting of two sugar-phosphate backbones on the outside, it is bounded together held by hydrogen bonds between pairs of four nitrogenous bases (A, C, G and T) on the inside with pairing occurring always between A and T and, C and G.

Two twisting strands of paired nucleotides

The resistant bacterial cells illustrate what characteristic of life? A) All living things respond to stimuli. B) All living things maintain homeostasis. C) All living things adapt to changes in their environment. D) All living things contain genetic material and reproduce.


Your answer would be C. All living things adapt to change in their environment.
For instance, if people continuously take antibiotics, then the bacterial cells will slowly start to learn and evolve in a way where they resist these antibiotics. This is actually an issue and if the current bacterial cells resist our current antibiotics, then scientists will need to create a new anti-resistant antibiotic. 

I hope your answer was satisfyingly answered. :)
The answer is c, All living things adapt to changes in their environment. The nonresistant bacteria dies off because it hasn't adapted, while the resistant bacteria is still ok. It's kind of like the super-flu, but bacterial, not viral.

Sigfried is a science student who develops the following hypothesis: If ants select blue sugar over red sugar, then ants prefer the color blue because it is more soothing than red. What is wrong with Sigfried’s hypothesis


It is not an issue of color, but rather of sugar content that causes the ants to choose the blue sugar over the red sugar. Because the blue sugar contains more sugar than the redsugar, the ants preferred it.

What is sugar?

All sweet carbohydrates can be referred to as sugar, however the phrase is most frequently used to refer to table sugar, also known as sucrose, or a “double sugar.” Carbohydrates are converted by the body into easily absorbed simple sugars like glucose. There are numerous varieties of sugar.

The body uses sugars and starches from carbs to feed the brain with glucose and give the rest of the body's cells energy.

Most plants have sugars in their tissues. Honey and fruit are plentiful natural sources of simple sugars.

Sugarcane and sugar beet are particularly high in sucrose concentration, making them perfect for effective commercial extraction to produce refined sugar.

Therefore, blue sugar contains more sugar than the red sugar

Learn more about Siegfried’s hypothesis here:



The ants choosing the blue sugar over the red sugar isn't a matter of color, but it'd a matter of sugar content.

The ants chose the blue sugar because it has more sugar content than the red sugar.

Hope it helps.

during dna replication a complementary strand of dna is made for each original dna strand thus, if a portion of the original strand is CCTAGCT then the new strand is ___


The new strand would be GGATCGA

Personality traits that remain stable and relatively unchanging from about age 30 on are called


Dispositional traits are personality traits that remain stable and relatively unchanging from about age. They refer to the tendency of an individual to behave in stable and predicted ways. It is similar with the concept of moods. Costa and McCrae believed that personality traits remain the same by the age of 30.

A lot of echinoderms are named after flowers true or false



False, it is only represented by one class: Crinoidea (sea lilies).


Echinoderms (phylum Echinodermata) are marine organisms that comprises more than 6,000 species. These animals are deuterostomes that are differentiated to have an ambulacral  vascular system and a pentameric symmetry. Echinoderms are divided in the following classes: 1- Ophiuroidea (snake stars), 2-Asteroidea (sea stars), 3-Crinoidea (sea lilies), 4-Holothuroidea (sea cucumbers) and 5-Echinoidea (sea urchins), which can be easily distinguished  by anatomical and ecological characteristics.