Which of the following best describes Matilda at the end of "The Necklace"? A. Wealthy and generous B. Discontented and selfish C. Beautiful and mean D. Hardworking and poor


Answer 1

Based on the given question, the best answer for this wouldbe:


C. Beautiful and mean


The ending of the story gave a bitterness of shock and meanmoment for the couple, since they bought the necklace whole heartedly theyworked hard to pay for the debts for years, ending up that the necklace wasworth nothing.

Answer 2

For PF Students, the above given answer was marked as incorrect.

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It is a very long answer I have the answer to it so if you take

HELP URGENT BRAINLIEST How do the other characters react to Bottom’s transformation?
Choose 1 answer:

(Choice A)
They all laugh when they see him.

(Choice B)
They all refer to him as “bully Bottom”.

(Choice C)
They all run away when they see him.

(Choice D)
They all comment on his good looks.


Final answer:

In Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream," some characters comment on Bottom's good looks, but not all of them react this way. The other characters have different reactions to his transformation, including fear, confusion, and ridicule.


The other characters in Shakespeare's play "A Midsummer Night's Dream" react to Bottom's transformation in various ways. They do not all laugh at him, as in choice A. They do not all refer to him as "bully Bottom", as in choice B. They do not all run away from him, as in choice C. However, some characters do comment on his good looks, as in choice D.

When Bottom is transformed into a donkey by the mischievous Puck, the other characters are initially frightened and confused. Some of the characters, such as Titania, the fairy queen, are enchanted by Bottom’s new appearance and find him attractive. This is evident when Titania expresses her affection towards him and dotes on him, despite his transformation. However, the majority of the other characters mock, ridicule, and laugh at Bottom’s new form. They find him amusing and amusingly strange, but not all of them react the same way.

In conclusion, the correct answer is that some characters in the play comment on Bottom's good looks, as in choice D, but not all of them. The other characters have different reactions to his transformation, including fear, confusion, and ridicule.


Learn more about Reactions to Bottom's transformation here:




D or A


Q1.Choose the appropriate phrase to insert in the gaps,to make the sentences meaningful the appropriate from of the verb.​



C - 2

A - 3

F - 5

E - 4

D - 1

B - 6


3) This story MOST LIKELY takes placeA)
in the present day.
in the near future.
C) in the distant past.
D) in the far-off future.


What is the story so I can answer?