A car averages 27 miles per gallon. If gas costs $4.04 per gallon, which of the following is closest to how much the gas would cost for this car to travel 2,727 typical miles?a. $44.44

b. $109.08

c. $118.80

d. $408.04

e. $444.40


Answer 1
Answer: (D) 408.04 is the correct answer. If you divide 2,727 miles by 27 miles per gallon you will get the number of gallons: = 101. Then, multiply the number of gallons by the cost per gallon: 101(4.04) = 408.04. This gives the cost of gas for this car to travel 2,727 typical miles. Hope this helps!
Answer 2
Answer: d. $ 408.04 is the answer

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What is the equation x = y + z solved for z?
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One thumbtack weighs 0.25 ounces. Once ounce is approximately equals to 28 grams. Which of the following is closet to the weight of one thumbtack in grams?

Explain how you can use the Associative Property to evaluate (7×50)×4


ok so
associative peroperty is
(ab)c=a(bc) so
(7 times 50) times 4=7 times (50 times 4)
and we know that 50 times 4=200 so now we have
7 times 200=1400

answer is 1400

PLZ HELP ME HURRY!Which inequality best models the situation if variable h is the number of hours Valerie might study each night?

Valerie's goal is to study more than 1 1/4 hours each night.

Which shows the possible number of hours she might study to reach this goal?


h < 1 1/4

and h may be up to 3 hours.


h ≥ 1 1/4

and h may be up to 3 hours.


h > 1 1/4

and h may be up to 30 hours.


h > 1 1/4

and h may be up to 3 hours.


D, because she wants to study more than 1 1/4 hours. > is the greater sign, It can't be C because there is not 30 hours in a day, It can't be B because she wants to study more than 1 1/4 hours not equal to it. It wouldn't A because thats the less than sign.

A math teacher drove by a playground that was full of boys and dogs. The teacher happened to notice that there was a total of 40 heads and 100 feet. How many boys and how many dogs were there?


There were 30 boys and 10 dogs. 40 heads all together . Then each boy has 2 feet so thats 30*2 = 60 and each dog has 4 feet thats 10*4 = 40  60+40=100 feet

the cost of a personal pizza is $4. a drink cost $1. Anna wrote the equation y=4x + 1 to represent the relationship between total cost y of buying x meals that include one personal pizza and one drink. Describe Anna's error and write the correct equation


the correct answer should be y=4x + 1d where x equals the number of personal pizzas, and d equals the number of drinks.

She didn't account for the number of drinks ordered for more than one meal.
Anna has to say y= 4x + 1z in order to get the answer. She didn't realize that she has to put a variable next to both.

Plz show your work !!2 paper clips weigh about  1 gram.
1 nickel weights about  5 grams
200 nickels weigh about 1000 grams or 1 kilogram.

1.) There are 100 paper clips in a box. How many grams would a box of paper clips weigh?
It would weight ____________ grams.

2.) There are 20 boxes of paper clips in a carton. How many grams would a carton of paper clips weigh?
The carton would weigh ___________ grams.

3.) How many grams would a roll of 40 nickels weigh?
The roll would weigh _____________ grams

4.) How many nickels would weigh 5 kilograms?
____________ nickels would weigh 5 kilograms.

5.) A truck is hauling 6 crates. Each crate weighs 35 kilograms. How much do all the crates weigh?
They weigh ___________ kilograms.


1) 50g
4)5000 nickels

I really need this ASAP! what is 14 2/7 as a fraction


Multiply 14 by the denominator of the fraction.

14 • 7 = 98

Then add it to the numerator.

98 + 2 = 100

Your answer is 100/7