Which of these poems is not an epic?


Answer 1
Answer: If the possibilities are between The Oddessy, Paradise Lost, The Aenid, and Peirs Plowman, then the answer is Peirs Plowman.
Answer 2
Answer: Repost the questions please, with the proper question.  I cant' help you without a poem/epic. - Thanks -

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What is the principal part of the underlined verb in the sentence? Our neighbors recently installed a new outdoor lighting system.A.presentB.present participleC.pastD.past participle
Based on what you've learned so far, compose a job application
What is funny about Thurber's story's title? A. The story actually took place during the day. B. The house was robbed after all. C. The bed never actually fell on Thurber's father. D. The story actually never occurred.I need help a.s.a.p. plz and thank youi will mark brainliest
you are quiz master you have been asked to conduct a program for video show on sound how would you being the show present the beginning
Pokhara is one of the richest cities in nepal into comperative sentence​

Verb in the sentence: Grandma plants bulbs every fall.


She plants bulbs.
plants is the verb in this sentence

A black rock that produces heat


Coal produces heat and it is black
A black rock that produces heat would have thermal energy. It is called a coal. 

An argumentive eassy on all high school students should be able to leave school for lunch





When you are at the school you are their responsibility and if you leave to go somewhere and something happen it is on them.plus you may not be able to get back in time.

Which answer is the sentence fragment? A.
My sister found some fun jewelry at a 50 percent discount.

Was there a long line at the food court around noon?

The bookstore which is in the middle of the shopping mall.

My family goes to the shopping mall when there are sales events.


It is C. ( The bookstore which is in the middle of the shopping mall

Which helping verb agrees with the subject and correctly completes the verb phrase? Tomatoes __________ considered fruit.






'are' is the only one that makes sense.

"Tomatoes are considered fruit."
Hey Demonx,

You can tell that 'Tomatoes' indicates that the sentence is plural.

That cancels out any words relating to singular words including 'is', 'was', and 'has'.

That only leaves you with one choice and it relates to plural words, 'are'.

So your answer would be: Tomatoes are considered fruit.

In the book "The secret Garden" what is the symbol of the human spiritA. Roses
B. The secret garden
C. The moors
D. The robin redbreast


A) The new rose symbolized both the children and the spirit.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure the answer is B: the secret garden.