You have 12 friends how many ways can you choose 3 of them to split a pizza with you


Answer 1
Answer: Each friend will have 4 slices of pizza

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You take out a loan for $550 at a rate of 4.5% for 3 years. At the end of 3 years, how much interest has accumulated on the loan?
(0,9) is rotated 90 degrees clockwise about (0,0). What is the new point?
If X=2X3+X (that 3 is supposed to be representing that the X is cubed)
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What is the distance, in feet, across the patch of swamp water?

The area of a playground is 204 yd^2 The width of the playground is 5 yd longer than its length. Find the length and width of the playground.




Step-by-step explanation:

Assuming that the shape of the playground is rectangular, we know that the area of a rectangle is length x width.

Let the length = x

width = x + 5

x(x + 5) = 204

x² + 5x = 204

x² + 5x - 204 = 0

(x + 17)(x - 12) = 0

x = -17 and x = 12

However, since x represents the length of the playground, length cannot be negative. The only value possible is x = 12.

Therefore, the playground has a length of 12 yd and a width of 12 + 5 = 17 yd.


length = 17 yd, width = 12 yd

Step-by-step explanation:

The data in the table represents a company's profit based on the number of items produced.Which equation best represents the data?

A) y= -1.026x^2 + 1016.402x - 162075

B) y= -1.036x^2 + 1024.771x - 163710

C) y= 298.214x - 66317.667

D) y= 196.2x - 18710



(A) y= -1.026x^2 + 1016.402x - 162075

Step-by-step explanation:

Given is the data 'x' -Items produced. The equation that satisfies the given data can be found by simply substituting the values of x in the given equations. For example:

Substituting the value of x= 100 in the given equations,

A) y= -1.026(100)^2 + 1016.402(100)-162075= -70,500

Similarly you can check the values on the rest of the equations and if they satisfy the equation, then the given is the required equation.



Step-by-step explanation:

WE are given the data which represents the company's profit based on number of items produced.

The equation which best represents the data can be found out by substituting the values of x in the given equations.

So,substituting x=100 in first equation, we have:

y=-1.026x^(2) +1016.402x-162075




which satisfies the equation. Hence, option A satisfies.

We can also substitute the different values of x in the equations to check whether it satisfies or not.

Why is m step so hard??


explain more , so i can help

A bag contains 5 yellow marbles, 7 pink marbles, and 3 purple marbles. Gordon selects a marble without looking. What is the probability that he selects a yellow marble or a purple marble?


5 + 7 + 3 = 15, so there are 15 marbles in the bag
There's a 5/15 chance of a yellow marble
There's a 3/15 chance of a purple marbe
Add them up
8/15 chance of a yellow or purple marble


the awnser is 8/15 because of 5+3=8

Step-by-step explanation:



The dimensions of a large room are double the dimensions of a small room.Both rooms are rectangular prisms. The volume of the small room is 10 cubic
What is the volume of the large room?


Volume id proportional to the cube of the dimensions. The volume of the larger room is 10 x (2 cubed) = 80 cubic metres.

Check the question & state how to do it! Thanks :)


6 numbes
to find the mean
add the numbers then divide that result by how many numbers we have

add them

there wer 6 numbers and the mean was 118
multiply both sides by 6 to clear fraction
minus 547 both sides

you friend is very sleepy and is getting careless