[Need help Quick!]One reason some argue that campaign financing should be restricted it is because

supporting a candidate is considered free speech.

the Constitution limits the influence of citizens on elections.

limitations help to ensure the wealthy are less influential.

restrictions allow for greater influence by fewer corporations.


Answer 1

limitations help to ensure the wealthy are less influential.

Campaign contributions in large amounts can influence the direction of an elected official and can be seen as interfering with the democratic process.

Historically, campaigns were inexpensive and until campaigning became more expensive little money was needed to win an elected seat. Today with the competitive nature of campaigning, more financing has been required and used. Large interest groups and wealthy individuals have donated large amounts of money to candidates. The Koch brothers for example have been cited as donating too much and offer an example for those in favor of restrictions.

Answer 2

limitations help to ensure the wealthy are less influential.

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You have to have faith!!! Look around you what do you see to me everything is god, made name something and I will try to explan what I mean!

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The union accepts African Americans as soldiers,causes and effects


Victory would be gained. The rivals that had blacks on their army would mean two hands instead of one. (They have more men fighting alongside them.) The Northern armies that had liberated the slaves did not know what to do with them. At first they just put them, to work performing lowly fatigues, presently giving them uniforms as the only clothing available.Then some of the junior white troops saw that it would help their promotion if blacks were recruited into the rifle-ranks.Eventually whole black units were raised.
The blacks were some of the best regiments the union had. They didnt let racial hate stop them. As the union accepted them the war ended quicker.  The effect was that the southerners were their blood brothers again and this time the nation had alot of rebuilding to do.

Which is George Mason's greatest contribution to the United States? A.
writing most of the U.S. Constitution

leading the support for the Bill of Rights

convincing states to ratify the U.S. Constitution

proposing the compromise that led to the U.S. Constitution


Answer:  B. Leading the support for the Bill of Rights.


George Mason was part of a committee working on a constitution for the state of Virginia in 1776, and authored a Declaration of Rights to be included in that Constitution.  The Virginia Declaration of Rights, authored by Mason, became the basis for the Bill of Rights that later became part of the United States Constitution.

In September, 1787, Mason was part of the Constitutional Convention for the United States held in Philadelphia.  As reported by the Smithsonian Magazine (April 30, 2000), "Toward the end of the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia, Mason proposed that a bill of rights preface the Constitution, but his proposal was defeated. When he refused to sign the new Constitution, his decision baffled some and alienated others, including his old friend, George Washington. Mason's stand nonetheless had its effect. At the first session of the first Congress, Madison introduced a Bill of Rights that paralleled Mason's Declaration of Rights of 1776."

George Mason is remembered as being one of the United States' founding fathers due to his efforts in B) leading the support for the Bill of Rights. 

What techniques does President Obama use to build his argument and make the speech persuasive? Check the five boxes that apply.


There are ways to make speeches. The techniques used by President Obama use to build his argument and make the speech persuasive are;

  • To persuade people to unite behind him
  • To inform people of America's challenges

The President Barack Obama's inaugural speech?

The President Barack Obama's inaugural address was one of his many speeches where he exalted America ancestors, and also the forty-four presidents before him.

He was known to speaks of wars, times of violence and hatred, and of a weakened nation. He stated  that security arises from the justice, and strength of the example they have set as a nation.

Learn ore about speech that are persuasive from


1 2 3 5 6

powerful, passionate word choice

memorable examples from history

engaging word choice and imagery

word choice that inspires unity

commonly understood language

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The standard of living in the United States after world war 2 were



In 2014, median wealth in the United States was $44,900, which put the United States in 19th place, behind many other developed countries. In 2015, median wealth in the United States was 55,775. The United States has one of the widest rich-poor gaps of any high-income nation today, and that gap continues to grow.


Both mohandas Gandhi and Mao Zedong represented


Both led revolutions to make what their countries are today. What they both majorly agreed on was the opposition to imperialism, also known as the domination of one nation by another.

Final answer:

Mohandas Gandhi and Mao Zedong, both anti-imperialist figures, had differing principles. Gandhi believed in non-violence and individual rights, while Mao espoused ideological Marxism favoring peasants as key revolutionaries.


Both Mohandas Gandhi and Mao Zedong were significant political and social figures who fought against imperialist nations and led important movements in their respective countries. Mohandas Gandhi, known for his non-violent struggle against British rule, believed in the dignity of the individual, respect for human rights, and allocation of resources equitably. Contrarily, Mao Zedong, known for leading the Chinese Communist Party to power, adopted a distinctive form of Marxist-Leninist ideology known as Maoism that argued for peasants to be the agents ushering in communism.

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