When the theory that the sun goes around earth was replaced with the theory that earth goes around the sun, this was an example of a


Answer 1

The theory that the sun goes around earth being replaced with the theory

that earth goes around the sun is an example of a paradigm shift.

What is a Paradigm Shift?

A paradigm shift is the change which involves the usual way things are done

being replaced by a different way. This is usually as a result of new

discoveries which faulted the old or previous way.

In this scenario, we formerly thought that the sun goes around earth but new

findings replaced it that earth goes around the sun which is an example of a

paradigm shift.

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Answer 2

That's usually called the Earth's "orbit", although the word simply means the path of any object through space under the influence of gravity, even if that object isn't circling another one. Its an example of a paradigm shift.

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