How do you know that 1.016 divided by 4.064 equals 0.025 without doing the division


Answer 1


We have to find the value of (1.016)/(4.064) without division.

We have to convert  (1.016)/(4.064) into simplest form

To convert into simplest form, Find the hcf of 1.016 and 4.064 and than divide the numerator and denominator by hcf

The hcf of  1.016 and 4.064 is 1016

(1.016)/(4.064) =  (1016)/(4064)

{We can remove the decimals directly if numerator and denominators are like decimals}

Divide Numerator and denominator by 1016

(1016 divide by 1016)/(4064  divided by 1016)


The answer is 0.25

Hence we get 0.25 without by actual division.

Answer 2
Answer: When you round each value to a whole number, it will equal 1/4 (a fourth) which is then simple math. (1/4=0.25)

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Hey idk what 2+2 is



Step-by-step explanation: 2 + 2 is 4 minus 1 thats 3 quik maffs


UM this is a dumb question but the answer is 4......

~QueenSupreme aka Black-Rose♥

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PLEASE help with 5-6 :)))))


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Try to fix the denominator, and change

it would be 13/10 + 20/10 or 15/10 + 18/10.Ok..

You can do your 6th ques. in same manner.

Did you understand?Or not??

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