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B. There are six sides on the cube so, there can only be 6 possible outcomes. This eliminates choice A, D & E. There is only one side of the cube with the number 5, therefore a 1 in 6 chance.

Answer 2
Answer: It’s is b 1/6 because we automatically know it’s not a,c,d,or e

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Meghan is building a fence around her garden .The garden is a rectangle 12 feet long and 24 feet wide. She wants to put a post up at each corner and every 3 feet along the sides. How many post will Meghan need for her garden ?


You multiply length (12) and width (24) together and then divide by the amount on the sides which is 3. The equation is (12x24)/3=
The answer is 24 posts needed to cover the perimeter of Meghan's garden.

I don't know how to do order of operations with fractions ,exponents and whole numbers?




I believe you multiply the fraction to make it a number, and it depends with whole nembers if you're adding/ subtracting
If you haven't learned pemdas, it's a great way to remember things.
P: parentheses
E: exponents
MD: multiplication/division (either or)
AS: addition/subtraction (either or)
Meaning you solve in that order
Ex, (1+2/4)-5^2/2
First we do the parentheses so 1+2/4
And within that we do the division before the addition
Then add
So it's now 3/2+5^2/2
Next is exponents so 5^2=25
Then add 3/2 and 25/2 to get 28/2, which is simplified to 14

Hope I helped :)

jeanette drew a rectangle with an area of 6 square centimeters identify a possible length and width for her rectangle


so if its the area, the area is length times width. I think it would be two numbers that equal 6, so length is 3 and width is 2 :)

What is the fraction of 3\4 of 28


If you are trying to find 3/4 of 28, multiply 3/4 (or 0.75( by 28), which equals 21.

3/4 • 28 = 21

Solve equation 19 - h - h = -13



h = 16

Step-by-step explanation:

to solve this equation

we are going to take cognizance of the positive and negative sign as any misinterpretation of the sign might influence our answer wrongly. Note this

negative × negative  = positive

positive × negative = negative

negative × positive = negative

positive × positive = positive

so, from the question 19 - h - h = -13

19 - h - h = -13

19 -2h = -13

collect the like terms

19 + 13 = 2h

32 = 2h

divide both sides by the coefficient of h which is 2

32/2 = 2h/2

16 = h

therefore h = 16

Round 4.191 to nearest hundredth


4.191 to nearest hundred
4.19 is your answer

4.191 to the nearest tenth is 4.19