Which of the following were goals of Reconstruction? Check all of the boxes that apply.to reincorporate the South into the Unionto create a segregated society in the Southto establish equality under law for African Americansto assist African Americans in the transition from slavery to freedom


Answer 1


The goals of Reconstruction were to reincorporate the South into the Union, to establish equality under law for African Americans, and to assist African Americans in the transition from slavery to freedom.


The Reconstruction was the period that followed the Civil War and during which the southern states that had adhered to the defeated Confederation were reintegrated into the Union. The devastating southern unionist invasion, attacks on civilian targets and the destruction of infrastructure, together with the economic policy that was implemented in the territory of the defeated after the war, caused the rise of a bitter rancor of many Southerners against the federal government  

Abraham Lincoln presented a reconstruction plan, but the immense human cost of war and the social changes that took place led Congress to re-admit the secessionist states without imposing conditions on them, such as the guarantee of freedom of freed blacks. However, laws were approved to reintegrate the southern states: the Civil Right Acts, Reconstruction Acts and some amendments.  

During the Reconstruction, the Republican Party took control of the government from the southern states to the Democratic rebels and reached an agreement on the requirements for readmission.

All southern states were readmitted in 1870, but the Reconstruction continued until 1877, when the presidential elections of 1876 saw Rutherford B. Hayes, who had the support of the northern states, overtake his opponent Samuel J. Tilden. Some historians claim that the elections were won by Hayes in exchange for the end of the Reconstruction: this theory defines the election result as the Compromise of 1877.

The end of the Reconstruction marked the end of the brief period of civil rights and liberties for African-Americans in the South. The South created a segregationist society through the "Jim Crow laws" and where members of the white elite took control over a system that was almost single-party, centered around the dominant influence exerted by the Democratic Party on local politics, a system that would be called "The Solid South." In addition, the masses of people and sometimes even the southern white authorities began to practice lynching as a tool of terror, in order to keep the black population under control and away from the vote or, in any case, to exercise their rights.

Answer 2

The goals of Reconstruction included:

  • To reincorporate the South into the Union.
  • To establish equality under the law for African Americans.
  • To assist African Americans in the transition from slavery to freedom.

Goal of reconstruction

Creating a segregated society in the South was not a goal of Reconstruction. In fact, one of the aims was to dismantle the system of racial segregation and discrimination that existed during the Reconstruction era and afterward.

To reincorporate the South into the Union: After the Civil War, one of the primary goals was to bring the seceded Southern states back into the United States and restore the Union.

To establish equality under the law for African Americans: A key objective was to secure civil rights and legal equality for African Americans who had been enslaved and oppressed.

To assist African Americans in the transition from slavery to freedom: Reconstruction aimed to provide newly freed African Americans with support in various forms, including education, economic opportunities, and legal protection.

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