What agreement officially ended World War I and forced Germany to accept blame for the war


Answer 1

Treaty of Versailles.

However the treaty was later broken when hitler troops into the Rhineland demilitarised zone

Answer 2


The Treaty of Versailles


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What was the main reason why workers formed unions starting in the 1800s?They believed the only way to bring about change was to band together. They believed there were not enough jobs available for unskilled workers. They believed that unions could bring together workers of different races. They believed that unions were the only way to end the increase in strikes.
What was a result of the invention of the cotton gin? A decrease in the use of slaves in the SouthB. An increase in the price of cottonC. A decrease in cotton productionD. An increase in the use of slaves in the South
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Who was the Queen of England when Shakespeare first became known as a great playwright? A.
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The correct answer is A. Queen Elizabeth I. Because she was actually the Queen of England and Ireland from November 17, 1558 until she died in March 24, 1603.

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The correct answer is A. Queen Elizabeth I

After the victory at Saratoga, France gave open support to the United States, including arms, money, and ships.True



That's a fact , France did give all that stuff

why did andrew jackson want the indians to leave their tribes 



So the people of America can migrate the land west of the Louisianna Purchase.


because he didnt like them


In the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, several chinatowns had violent riots that were started by: A) workers who were unemployed
B) city workers who were not being paid
C) immigrants who were denied rights


Answer: The correct answer is A - Nativists who were angry and resentful of newcomers. This is because at that time, the original American workers were losing jobs to immigrants who were ready and willing to work for a fraction of the original workers, for longer periods of time. 

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In the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, several chinatowns had violent riots that were started by  Immigrants who were denied rights. Option C is correct

During the late 1800s and early 1900s, several Chinatowns experienced violent riots that were primarily triggered by anti-Chinese sentiment and discriminatory policies. These riots were often fueled by a combination of economic tensions, racial prejudice, and social and political factors.

Many Chinese immigrants faced hostility and discrimination, with some locals perceiving them as threats to their economic well-being and cultural norms. This led to the development of exclusionary laws and policies that aimed to restrict Chinese immigration and limit their rights.

In the United States, the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 was a significant example of such discriminatory legislation. This law suspended Chinese immigration for ten years and prevented Chinese immigrants from becoming naturalized citizens. These policies created a hostile environment for Chinese communities and contributed to social and economic tensions.

The violent riots often erupted due to specific incidents or triggers. These triggers could include disputes over labor competition, where Chinese workers were seen as taking jobs away from locals. They could also arise from perceived social and cultural threats or clashes between different ethnic groups.

To know more about  Immigrants. here



Explore Paul's teachings about children's relationships with their parents The Apostle Paul had something to say to everyone in his churches, including children. Learn more by reading Ephesians 6:1-3 and if necessary, other reference materials. Then, write 250-500 of your own words, i.e., 1/2 to 1 page, addressing at least the following questions. What did the Apostle mean by obeying "in the Lord"? What Old Testament law was Paul reminding his readers to obey? Since Paul's letter was written for you as well, in what ways are you following his instruction? In what ways do you need to improve?


According to Paul's teachings about children's relationships with their parents, the Bible tells all children to "obey your parents in the Lord," because this is right in God's sight. It means that God wants all children to honor and obey their parents. It is also found in the old testament where God has included this command in the Ten Commandments given to Moses through a list of things that God wants and hates. It's the fifth command in Exodus 20:12 asking children to obey their parents.

It is of great importance for me to obey my parents as this is a sign that one respects the commands of God and its a source of blessing from God.

To improve a relationship with my parents is by being obedient to my parents and the teachings of God.

How are industrialization, the rise of big business, and the development of corporations connected


Question: How are industrialization, the rise of big business, and the development of corporations connected

Answer: during the period of intense economic and industrial growth industries and businesses took this time to expand in more areas

Explanation: all around the world during a certain period industries started booming

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