Danny reads 4 pages of a book each day.After 12 days, hes still has 82 pages left to read.
How many pages does the book have?


Answer 1
Answer: Well, he reads 48 pages in those 12 days, that is 12*4 pages.
He has already read 48 pages and he still has 82, so he has a 130=48+82 page book.
Answer 2
Answer: 4x12= 48 add to 82= 130 pages

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WILL MARK BRAINLIEST!!!!!!! REALLY NEED HELP! The graph of the following compound inequality shows all the numbers between 4 and 8 including 4 but not including 8.True or false? 4 ≤ x < 8
How do you answer SEE THINK WONDER, in a mathematical way
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You are paid $78 for 6 and a half hours of work. What is your rate of pay?


The most important part of the problem lies in the fact that the hours have to be converted to minutes before starting to solve the problem.
1 hour = 60 minutes
6 and half hours = (6 * 60) + 30 minutes
                           = 360 + 30
                           = 390 minutes
So the payment for 390 minutes is = 78 dollars
The payment for 60 minutes = (78/390) * 60
                                               = 2 * 6 dollars
                                               = 12 dollars
So the rate of pay given is $12 per hour. I hope the procedure is easy enough for you to understand. You can always use this method for solving similar type of problems.
$78/ (6 1/2 hours)= $12/hour.

The rate of pay is $12 per hour~

9 1/2 gal = ? qt?

Im so bad at math!!!


-In US 1 gal= 4qts.
-In order to find out how much 9 1/2 gal equals in quarts, you need to multiply 9 1/2 by 4. 
-To make it easier you can turn 9 1/2 to 9.5
- So the ANSWER is 38 quarts!!!!
- 9 1/2= 38 qt
Hey there! 9 1/2 in decimal form is 9.5 because 1/2=0.5 and then you add 9 to 0.5 (9+0.5=9.5). So, 9 1/2 gallons equals 38 quarts.

Four liters or one gallon which is bigger


4 liters because 4 liters equals 1.05 gallons and a gallon equals 3.78 liters

Set 1: {0, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10}Set 2: {1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11}
what is the means to mad ratio?
are they similar?



To find the mean absolute deviation of the data, start by finding the mean of the data set. Find the sum of the data values, and divide the sum by the number of data values. Find the absolute value of the difference between each data value and the mean: |data value – mean|.

Step-by-step explanation:

Calculate Mean Absolute Deviation (M.A.D)

A website captures information about each customer's order. The total dollar amounts of the last 8 orders are listed in the table below. What is the mean absolute deviation of the data?

use this site

Can someone please help


Its choice A there is a potential outlier 3 and outlier its pretty simple when you looking at the data its apart from all the others

Two-fifths of the girls signed up to play softball. An equal number of girls signed up to play pitcher, infield, and outfield. What fraction of girls in the school signed up to play outfield?Any help appreciated, thank you!


2/15 girls signed up to play outfield 2/5÷3=2/5×3/1=2/15