The battery in a circuit is similar to the _____ on a roller coaster.A.Chain
this is science


Answer 1
Answer: B.Motor on a roller coaster
Answer 2

A. Chain. i hope this helps

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The Statue of Liberty is composed of copper. The smallest particle of any amount of copper is A)an atom. B)an element. C)a compound. D)a molecule.
When a space shuttle was launched, the astronauts aboard experienced and acceleration of 29.0 m/s. If one of the astronauts had a mass of 69.0 kg, what net force in newtons did the astronaut experience?
the image of a mountain can be seen on the surface of calm water. what property of light is demonstrated?
Why do scientists use the international system of units (si)
Which of the following changes can happen when the forces on an object are unbalanced?a. The object speeds up b. the object slows down c. the object changes direction d. all of the above

If you rub a balloon on a piece of fabric or carpeting and then hold it against your head, your hair can stand on end. Why does this happen?


AS Hitler once said, Static Electricity my dear watson

15 POINTS AND BRAINLIST! PLZ HELP!!!! On a typical Speed vs. Time graph, an object's speed is indicated by the _____.

A. slope of the line on the graph

B. length of the line on the graph

C. spacing of the numbers on the time axis

D. spacing of the numbers on the speed axis





How are forces able to act at a distance ?


Magnetic forces act at a distance. The opposites attract and pull each other closer

31 POINTS COME AN GET IT PPL!If a satellite or spaceship explodes in outer space, you can see the explosion from a distance but you cannot hear it. Why?

Light waves travel very fast and sound waves travel much slower.

Sound waves transmit energy while light does not transmit energy.

Sound is a mechanical wave and needs a medium to travel through while light is an electromagnetic wave.

Light is a mechanical wave and needs a medium to travel through while sound is an electromagnetic wave


The answer is A.

Light waves travel faster than sound waves. This is also why lightning is always seen before thunder is heard.

What is the difference between creep and a landslide


Creep is the slow downward flow of rock and soil down a low grade slope.A landslide is the movement of rocks or debris down a sloped section of land.
Creep creeps up lanslide comes down fast

The Earth's axis of rotation is tilted. Because of this, the amount of sunlight an area on the planet receives each day variesdepending on the time of year. These variations result in four distinct seasons.
The diagram below shows the Earth at one particular point in its yearly revolution around the Sun.
Image courtesy of NASA
When the Earth is in the position shown above, the Northern Hemisphere experiences the start of
hemisphere is tilted
the Sun
because that



the answer is the one that is tilted away from the sun because that is winter


i hope that i helped