How does a crocodile use its tail to overcome its prey?


Answer 1
Answer: Actually, they use it to hit their prey if their teeth don't work. Also, they use it to turn their body weight.
Answer 2
Answer: They will sweep their tails at your legs and break them. Next they will drag their helpless victim into the water where they will devour them.
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Rewrite this passage using synonyms for the repeated word. I went to the park.I went on the swings and had fun.I went on the slide and had fun.It was nice when i went on the roundabout because it was fun.I had fun at the park as it was a nice sunny day.I would like to have more fun at the park when the weather is nice again. please help me
Write a paragraph using the following words child
What is the root word for segregation?
I only need help with A.THANK YOUUUU
4 times what equals 24

Which of the following sentences does NOT contain wordiness or redundancy?A. The business failed because it lacked adequate sources of income.

B. The reason the business failed is because of the fact that it lacked adequate sources of income to fund it.

C.The reason the business failed is because it lacked adequate sources of income to fund it.

D. The business failed it lacked adequate sources of income to fund it.


The answer, in this case, would be A. Wordiness and redundancy involve similar or repeated phrases. The only one that has nothing repeated or similar is A.

Please Help! What Is The Point Of View In The Poem The HighwaymanA: First Person

B: Third Person Limited

C: Third Person Omniscient

D: Second Person


The point of view in the poem The Highwayman is:

Option C

  • Third Person Omniscient.

In this sonnet, Noyes investigates subjects of adoration, love misfortune, and passing.

The activity centers around the lives and passings of the two principle characters, a highwayman, or burglar, and his darling, the little girl of the property manager, Bess. These two live for and bite the dust for each other.

Sold out to the specialists by Tim, a desirous ostler, the highwayman gets away from trap when Bess penances her life to caution him.

Significant Themes in The Highwayman Love, fortitude, and penance are the significant subjects of this sonnet.

The sonnet commends the genuine romance of its focal characters Bess and the Highwayman. Both attempt to stay faithful to their commitment, yet savage destiny isolates them, and they are killed. Nonetheless, their spirits rejoin in the afterlife.

The sonnet, set in eighteenth century country England, recounts the narrative of an anonymous highwayman who is infatuated with Bess, a landowner's girl. hence the point of view in the poem is third person omniscient.

For more information, refer the following link:

C. just letting you know it's right I looked it up on google

Which sentence uses italics correctly? A.

Today I read a chilling short story titled The Lottery.


There are three s's in the word supersede.


I can't tell whether that is a "6" or the small letter "b."


I wanted to read the article titled Outdoor Sports in Miami, but someone has cut it out of the magazine.


I believe it would be A. Titles are usually italicized.

Read the excerpt from "The Adventure of the Mysterious Picture." I began to undress, but in spite of every effort I could not keep myself from stealing a glance every now and then at the picture; and a glance was now sufficient to distress me. Even when my back was turned to it, the idea of this strange face behind me, peering over my shoulder, was insufferable. I threw off my clothes and hurried into bed; but still this visage gazed upon me. What effect does the tone of the excerpt have on the reader? It fosters a belief that the narrator is unreliable. It encourages surprising delight in blood and gore. It inspires confidence that everything will work out fine in the end. It produces shivers down the spine, or a feeling of unease.



It produces shivers down the spine, or a feeling of unease.


The narrator hasn't said anything in this excerpt that makes them hard to believe, or unreliable. This excerpt is not particularly optimistic either. There is no blood and gore, but the narrator is clearly made uncomfortable by the painting. So the excerpt produces shivers down the spine, or a feeling of unease.




5Select the correct answer.
What is the meaning of the word slicked in this excerpt from Trifles by Susan Glaspell?
MRS HALE: Duty's all right, but I guess that deputy sheriff that came out to make the fire might have got a little of
towel a pull) Wish I'd thought of that sooner. Seems mean to talk about her for not having things slicked up when
such a hurry.
B. jumbled
Oc cleaned





the defenishion "slicked up for visitors" tidy - marked by order and cleanliness in appearance or habits; "a tidy person"; "a tidy house"; "a tidy mind"

What is the best definition for “connotation”?


The way you think of a word, or how it makes you feel. The qualities that represent it, or describes it, in that one word. Hope this helps, but I do remember learning about this in the 6th grade.