Which word or phrase is not related to one of the five senses?A.
ad hoc





Answer 1
Answer: the answer is ad hoc
definitely not olfactory
tangible is to touch
redolent to smell

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Which sentence does not contain any errors in the use of italics or quotation marks?A.This essay, How to Make a Million Dollars in One Week, is fascinating.B.Alec's family saw the movie "Fantasia" last weekend.C.Have you ever seen the musical play How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying?D.Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats," by T.S. Eliot, is a book of poems about cats.
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What is the function of the verbal in the sentence?My goal is to skydive over the Grand Canyon.
Which pronoun correctly completes the sentence? __________ is attending the concert must prepare for rain. A. whoever B. whomever

A noun that tells who or what a sentence is about is a _______ noun.


A noun that tells who or what a sentence is about is a subject noun. The subject in the sentence is the doer or the actor of the verb in the sentence while a noun is a part of speech that can be person, thing, animal, place and even and idea. Some examples of subject nouns are museums, toys, Rina, Cebu City, birthday and a lot more. The subject of a sentence can actually be nouns and pronouns. The pronouns will take the place of a noun such as You, me, it, he, she, we, they and others.
A subject pronoun. Btw i didnt read the answer ^^^ up there

Which kind of pronoun is the underlined word? His dog has a tail, but the poor thing cannot wag it._
A. personal
B. reflexive
C. indefinite
D. demonstrative

The underline is under the word: It



Things like: this, that, these, those
The answer is A personal because the dog owns it 

["Good morning, Mr. Anthony," the girl smiled. "Oh, good morning, Barbara," the man answered. "You are up early today," he observed.Which best identifies where a paragraph break should be inserted?


A break should be inserted in the paragraph after “….the man answered.”

What is a paragraph break?

A division between the two lines of the same text in such a way that two different paragraphs are created is known as a paragraph break.

Hence, the use of paragraph break is explained above.

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There should be a paragraph break where the dialogue of the man starts like this :

[“Good morning,Mr.Anthony,” The girl smiled.

“Oh,good morning Barbara,” the man answered. “You are up early today,” He observed.

What does 'keep your cool' mean?


In a difficult situation it means to stay calm 

What is the effect of the point of view in this passage?



I believe it is A but tell me if I am wrong


Final answer:

The point of view in a story significantly, its tone, mood, and the reader's connection to characters and events, with the narrative perspective ranging from first to third person, omniscient to limited.


The effect of the point of view in a passage is significant as it shapes the tone, mood, scope, voice, and plot of a story. The perspective can be first person, using pronouns like 'I' and 'me,' giving an intimate look into the thoughts and feelings of the narrator. Alternatively, a third-person point of view might use 'he,' 'she,' or 'they,' and can be either omniscient, offering an all-knowing perspective, or limited, focusing only on what certain characters know. The reliability and objectivity of the narration can vary depending on the point of view chosen, influencing how the reader connects with the characters and interprets the story.

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Which best explains how point of veiw effects a piece of literature?


number 4 the last one

Sorry For posting this as a question but was that right?