Write the following math problems out using Spanish number words.22-9=13


Answer 1
Answer: .1 viento Y dos menos nueve es igual trece
.2 diez y siete mas ocho es igual viente y cinco
3. tres multiplicar seis es igual diez y ocho
4.triente divido quince es igual dos
5. cuatro multiplicar cinco es igual viente
6. viente y tres menos once es igual doce
7. Cinco mas nueve es igual cuatorce
8. viente y ocho divido cuatro es igual siete
(sorry if I made any mistake any where, but I do understand some Spanish. :) )

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Hello everyone! Minasanga

  I hope you're doing well

  If this happens in real life, please tell me, there are only a few times when you played a real role, and you did it in real life. ) I hope you enjoy these 50 points. ! It seems that I do these things every time I go to school. Everyone has a phantom thief, Sur-chan. So I saw one of your jobs that I wanted to say, "Welcome," so I'll take it north, and I said thank you: D - Jei (Kousui name)


こんにちは、Jeiさん!みんなさんがうまくやっていることを願っています。これを理解できたら、教えてください。あなたが翻訳者を使ったのは少し悲しいですが、実際にそれを尊敬しています:)この50ポイントを楽しんでいただければ幸いです!毎週水曜日にこれらを提供する予定です。誰でも回答できます!チャンスがあります。そして、私があなたの質問に1つ答えたのを見たら、ようこそと言います、そして私はそれを報告します、私はありがとうと答えました:D - ジェイ

English Translation:

Hello, Jei! I hope everyone is doing well. I would appreciate it if you could explain this. I'm a bit sad that you used a translator, but I actually respect that you did: ) I hope you enjoy these 50 points! I plan to provide these every Wednesday. Anyone can answer! There's a chance. And when I see that I've answered one of your questions, I'll say welcome, and I'll report it, and I'll say thank you: D - Jei




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