suppose you increase the mass of wood you are burning in a fireplace. what will happen to the total mass of ash what will happen to the total mass of ash,gases,and water vapor


Answer 1
Answer: Due to the law of conservation of mass, the mass in the end of the change will remain the same.

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Heterogeneous materials are always mixtures. Are homogeneous materials always pure substances? Explain.


A homogeneous material is not always a pure substance.
For example, a solution is a homogeneous mixture, but it is not a pure substance. Salty water is homogeneous, but it is not a pure substance. There are two ingredients: salt, and water. 

What is the volume of solution (in mL) produced when 91.80g of Mg(OH)2 are usedto produce a 0.7M solution? Record your answer to 1 decimal places.


Answer:  The volume of solution is 2248 ml


Molarity of a solution is defined as the number of moles of solute dissolved per liter of the solution.

Molarity=(n* 1000)/(V_s)


n = moles of solute

V_s = volume of solution in ml

moles of Mg(OH)_2 = \frac{\text {given mass}}{\text {Molar mass}}=(91.80g)/(58.32g/mol)=1.574mol

Now put all the given values in the formula of molality, we get

0.7=(1.574* 1000)/(V_s)

V_s=(1.574* 1000)/(0.7)=2248ml

Therefore, the volume of solution is 2248 ml

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