Which word in the sentence is the predicate adjective? After the storm, the arched rainbow looked magnificent. A. arched B. After C. magnificent D. looked


Answer 1

C i belive sorry if I'm wrong hope this helps

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In chapter 20 how does Percy feel about seeing his mother
I- please help me fellow people :)​
Mr. Hoyt was making dinner reservations.What is the verb tense and aspect?past perfectfuture perfectpast progressivefuture progressive
What is the central idea of Malcolm X’s essay on learning to read?a. He is tired of being in prison and books are a way to pass the time.b. He wants his readers to know the power that books have to open up a whole new world and create self-educated people.c. He resents the fact that his education didn’t truly get started until prison.
Please give examples of 1st 2nd and 3rd person narrative.

Which best describes the underlined words in this sentence? She was hoping to stay at the Lakeside Hotel during her visit.

complete predicate

compound verb

simple predicate


If everything but "She" was underlined, then the underlined portion would be the complete predicate, since "She" is the subject of the sentence.
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What does faux pas mean


It means an embarrassing or tactless act or remark in a social situation

Hi Meleah

Faux pas is a French word

so faux pas is like a fake move ( or a fake walk I guest)

While you walking and you think your foot is already touched the ground but it didn't so sometimes the person almost fall down.

I speak French so I hope that's help:0

NEED HELP ASAP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Which is the most appropriate sentence for an essay about Albert Einstein for a science class?
Despite his strong work ethic, Einstein also valued hobbies and viewed them as a means to inspire new scientific ideas.
The manifestation of Einstein's exertions was countervailed by an approbation for leisurely pursuits.
Einstein was a great science dude, who discovered many things and helped others find their own stuff too.
Though once colleagues, Oppenheimer was a better scientific mind than Einstein and demonstrated it more often.


Answer: A


First is the process of elimination

C is poorly written and D has not facts to back up that Oppenheimer actually did these things

So now we have A and B left

They are both reasonable options but I'd say A due to the amount of argumentative details

The answer is definitely is A

How are paraphrasing and summarizing similar? Select three options.


The first 3: They include details of the text, they are written with new words, they include the main idea of the original text.


On edge 2020

They are similar because paraphrasing you use to allow the reader to incorporate another writers work in their work
Paraphrasing means that the section is shorter than the original passage
Summarizing means the main idea put in their own words

A diagram is a different from an illustration becausea

a diagram adds information to the text.

a diagram is separate from the text.

a diagram has parts that are labeled.

a diagram is a visual text feature.



A diagram has parts that are labelled

because it is a visualization that shows or labels the different parts


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Tis Thy B


I Knowith thy answer because i Gotith thy question right on thy testing!


                                                    engenuity 1863

Wat is the antonym for anniversary please help have to be turned in by friday


Date, divorce, friendship,