Explain why atoms move at different speeds depending on whether they are liquids or solids.


Answer 1
Answer: The space between the particles allows them to do so. 

Example, a solid's particles are squished together, so it appears as a solid shape. 

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_____ Na3PO4 + _____ KOH   arrow  _____ NaOH + ___________K3PO4

How do I balance this equation?


The answer is na3po4+3koh=3naoh+k3po4

How many sex chromosomes would be present in an individual with 80 chromosomes?A)2



D) 40


The number of sex chromosomes in an organism is half the number of chromosomes the individual has.

So if the individual has 80 chromosomes, they’ll have 80/2 =40 sex chromosomes.




The larger the hole in the ozone layer gets,A. the less UV rays reach the Earth

B. the more heat escapes from the Earth

C. the more UV rays reach the Earth

D. the warmer the Earth will get


 The more UV rays reach the earth

Given the balanced ionic equation:3Pb2+ + 2Cr ==> 3Pb + 2Cr3+
What is the number of moles of electrons gained by 3.0 moles of lead ions?
(1) 5.0 mol (3)3.0 mol
(2) 2.0 mol (4) 6.0mol


Answer : The correct option is, (4) 6.0 mol

Explanation :

The given balanced ionic equation is,

3Pb^(2+)+2Cr\rightarrow 3Pb+2Cr^(3+)

In this reaction, lead undergoes reduction and chromium undergoes oxidation.

  • Oxidation reaction : It is the reaction in which a substance looses its electrons. In this oxidation state increases.
  • Reduction reaction : It is the reaction in which a substance gains electrons. In this oxidation state decreases.

Half reactions of oxidation and reduction are :

Oxidation :2Cr\rightarrow 2Cr^(3+)+6e^-

Reduction :3Pb^(2+)+6e^-\rightarrow 3Pb

From the reduction reaction, we conclude that 6 moles of electrons gained by the 3 moles of lead ions.

Hence, the correct option is, (4) 6.0 mole

answer:  6......................

How to politly be friends with someone you dont like



Act nice


You may not like them but all you have to do is act nice around them, you might not even have to engage into conversations with them just be a nice person say hello and such and time to time go more in depth, also you can complement them even if it does not seem right to you

Answer: Be kind

Explanation: Try your best to not let them know that you don't like them because they might get angry at you and things gonna get worse