What is the following number in decimal form?

1.68 × 108


Answer 1
Answer: 1.68 * 108          Use a calculator.

= 181.44

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Someone help plsss!!!


So for this, we will be doing a system of equations, one representing Highschool A and the other Highschool B. Let x = capacity of vans and y = capacity of buses:

6x+8y=202\n 12x+10y=284

I'm going to be using the elimination method, but first we have to make one of the variables be able to be eliminated. To do that, firstly multiply both sides of the first equation by 2:

12x+16y=404\n 12x+10y=284

Next, subtract the first and second equation together to get 6y=120 . From here just divide both sides by 6 and your first answer is going to be: y=20

Now that we have the value of y, substitute it in to either equation to solve for x:

6x+8(20)=202\n6x+160=202\n 6x=42\n x=7\n \n 12x+10(20)=284\n 12x+200=284\n 12x=84\n x=7

In short, a van can carry 7 students and a bus can carry 20 students.

McKenzie works for a catering company.She is making ice tea for an upcoming event. For each container of tea she uses 16 tea bags and 3 cups of sugar. If McKEnzie uses 64 tea bags, how many cups of sugar will she use?


She's be using 12 cups of sugar. Heres the explanation to how i got that, i figured out what number 16 would multiply by to get 64 which was 4, so then i also multiplied 3 by 4 which is how i got 12. Hope this helps

2x + 9y = 5 How do I convert this into slope-intercept form?​



  Solve for y

Step-by-step explanation:

Subtract the x-term and divide by the coefficient of y.

  9y = -2x +5

  y = -2/9x +5/9

Which is greater?31/52 or 37/64


Are you asking for it's percentage?

31/52 =59.6153846%  other wise shorten to 59.6, I think

37/64 =  57.8125%         or could be shorten to 57.5,

so, 31/52 is greater

A group of students wish to go bowling. There is a flat rate of $5 per student for shoe rental. It then costs $2.50 pergame up to 2 games total and then the cost is $2.00 per game after the first 2. If 6 students went, each rented shoes
and each rolled 3 games;
1. create a step function equation to calculate the cost per student per game
2. graph your step function
3. determine the total cost for this bowling outing



  1. c(g)=\left\{\begin{array}{lcl}(5)/(\lceil g\rceil)+2.5&\text{for}&0<g \le 2\n\n(6)/(\lceil g\rceil)+2&\text{for}&g>2\end{array}\right.
  2. see below
  3. $72

Step-by-step explanation:

1. Since the function is supposed to give cost per game, it will be the stated cost per game (2.50 or 2.00) in addition to the quotient of the fixed cost and the number of games. For more than 2 games, the "fixed cost" is essentially the $5 shoe cost plus the premium on the first two games, an additional dollar.

For graphing purposes, we choose to use the "ceiling" function, so that any fractional game is charged at the price for the next higher integer number of games.

The "cost per game" function can be written as ...

  c(g)=\left\{\begin{array}{lcl}(5)/(\lceil g\rceil)+2.5&\text{for}&0<g \le 2\n\n(6)/(\lceil g\rceil)+2&\text{for}&g>2\end{array}\right.


2. The graph is shown in the attachment.


3. The cost per game for 3 games is c(3) = 6/3+2 = 4, so the cost for 3 games for 1 student is 3·4 = 12. The cost for 6 students is then 6·12 = 72 dollars.

Patrick was recognized by the Catholic Church as a saint because of his successful work as a __________.A.pope


I am pretty sure that answer is C.
I believe pope would be the answer, because The Pope is a bishop for the Roman Catholic Church