Mia 77 pieces of gum playing hoops at her school's game night. later she gave three to each of her friends. she only has five remaining. how many friends does she have?


Answer 1

77 - 3x = 5

subtract 77 from both sides : -3x = -72

divide by -3 on both sides to get x by itself : x = 24

The answer is that Mia has 24 friends (x = 24)

Answer 2
Answer: Mia has 24 friends. the answer is 24

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Add three data values to the following data set so the mean increases by 10 and the median does not change. {42, 37, 32, 29, 20}
Doug purchased land for $8,000 in 1995. The year value of the land depreciated by 4% each year thereafter. Use an exponential function to find the approximate value of the land in 2002.
What is the approximate circumference of a circle with a radius of 42.1 km? A. 5565.4 kmB. 1391.3 kmC. 264.4 kmD. 132.2 km
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What are the slope and the y-intercept of the linear function that is represented by the equation y=-10x+1



The slope is -10 and the y-intercept is 1.


This function is written in slope-intercept form, which is y=mx+b.  In this form, m is the slope and b is the y-intercept.

In this case, m=-10 and b=1, so those are the answers to this problem.

For this case we have that by definition, the equation of a line of the slope-intersection form is given by:

y = mx + b


m: It's the slope

b: It is the cutoff point with the y axis

We have the following equation:

y = -10x + 1

So we have to:

m = -10\nb = 1


m = -10\nb = 1

Write the equation of a line that goes through the point (5,10) and is perpendicular to the lineY = -1/5x + 3


Answer: Well you see, I'm not gonna give u the answer kid. The explanation will help you more

Step-by-step explanation: If a line is perpendicular, then take the negative reciprocal of the slope. After that, use the point slope formula to write the equation



Step-by-step explanation:



Two fractions have the same denominator.which is the greater fraction with the greater numerator or the lesser numerator


The answer is-The fraction with greater numerator.

Let's understand this by an example.
Take denominator as 4.
And two numerators as 2 and 3 respectively.

Now, the numbers are 2/4 and 3/4
2/4 = 0.5
3/4 = 0.75

Which one is greater ?3/4
Therefore, 3/4 > 2/4

So, the fraction with greater numerator is greater

Please help with this question

What is the numerical value of 8b when b=0.5


Answer 4

Step-by-step explanation:

You multiply 8 times .5 because the b is connected to the 8, so you just do 8*5 then move the decimal point over.

Answer: 4
So you do 8x0.5, which is 4

Suppose that g (x) varies inversely with x and g (x)=0.2 when x = 0.1.What is g (x) when x = 1.6?



Answer : 0.0125

Suppose that g (x) varies inversely with x and g (x)=0.2 when x = 0.1.

If x varies inversely with y then y=k/x

Where k is constant of proportionality

g (x) varies inversely with x , so g(x) = (k)/(x)

g (x)=0.2 when x = 0.1

Plug in the values and solve for k

g(x) = (k)/(x)

0.2 = (k)/(0.1)

Multiply 0.1 on both sides

0.02 = k

so g(x) = (0.02)/(x)

Now we need to find g(x) when x= 1.6

Plug in 1.6 for x  and find out g(x) in the above equation

g(x) = (0.02)/(1.6)

g(x)= 0.0125


A. 0.0125

Step-by-step explanation:

0.2*0.1= 0.02

.02/1.6 = 0.0125

Took the test and got it correct

alisson separates her 23 stickers into 4 equal piles.how many stickers does she have left over? A27 B 19 C 5 D 3


We need to find the remainder- the sticker left over

Divide 23 stickers into 4 piles = 23/4= 5 stickers per pile and 3 stickers left over

D. She would have 3 stickers left over