How were the Hawaiian islands formed


Answer 1
Answer: Hawaiian islands were formed by earthquakes, Million years ago there used to be a super continent that was called Pangea a super continent is a bunch of countries smushed up together anyways there were all lot of earthquakes as time passed and continents  were spreading apart and that's how the Hawaiian island were formed
Answer 2
Answer: I believe they were formed by Earthquakes.

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During the last century, human impacts on ourplanet have led to an increasing and alarming loss ofbiodiversity in rainforest ecosystems. Scientistsestimate the current extinction rates exceed those ofsome prehistoric mass extinction is, This loss ofbiodiversity also means loss of genetic diversity andloss of ecosystems. What could be done to minimizethis loss of biodiversity?A. Introduce new species to rainforestaseecosystems.B. Write and pass new environmental protectionlaws specific to rainforest ecosystems.C. Build barriers around rainforest ecosystems tokeep animals and plants contained.D. Move all rainforest animals to new ecosystemswhere they will be safe.
The polarity of an oxygen-hydrogen bond is higher than the polarity of a nitrogen-hydrogen bond, allowing amines to be more soluble than alcohols True or false
A friend tells you that she has been saving every 5- dollar and every 10 - dollar bill she has received for the last year . She now has 80 bills for a total of $550.00 . How many 5 - dollar bills and how many 10 - dollar bills does she have ? 1 . Write an equation . 2 . Use graphing , substitution or elimination to solve the system of equations . 3 . How many 5- dollar bills and how many 10 - dollar bills does she have ? 4 . Explain why your answer is correct . 5 . Explain why you chose the method .
Why is information that has been peer edited more reliable than information that hasnot?Peer editors often check a writer's work for accuracy.Peer editors charge money to publish information.Peer editors make sure that spelling and grammar is correct.Peer editors are more intelligent than writers.
How do the 4 spheres interact with each other?

Which of the following is NOT a kingdom in the domain eukarya? *1 point


Pretty sure its Archea.

Final answer:

Among the options given, Archaea is not a kingdom in the domain Eukarya. It is a separate domain on its own.


The domain Eukarya contains 4 kingdoms, including Protista, Animalia, Fungi, and Plantae. Among the options you've given, Archaea is not a kingdom in the domain Eukarya. Instead, it is a separate domain on its own. The kingdoms of the domain Eukarya characteristically have organisms with complex cellular structures, mainly cells with nucleus and other organelles.

The kingdom that is NOT part of the domain Eukarya is Archaea. The domain Eukarya consists of four kingdoms: Protista, Animalia, Fungi, and Plantae. Archaea belongs to the domain Archaea, which is separate from the domain Eukarya.

Learn more about Biology - Domains and Kingdoms here:


What can happen if an organism's population gets too big?



There are many bad consequences that may occur if a population becomes to large/over-sized

Here are a few examples:

~Shorter Supply of food and water. 

~Limited Shelter

~More predation 

These are only a few things that may happen.

Rarely, however, do we see a population get to big for its environment. Normally, nature seems to balance itself out. Even us, humans, have not become to many for the Earth we live on.

However, if over-population were to occur, then there are licensed hunters that may be put in charge, to take care of the situation. 

If an organisms population gets too big and exceeds the carrying capacity, a lot of consequences may happen, such as fighting for food, resources, but eventually some must die off.

If the population is over the carrying capacity, resources such as land, food, or water must be limited and organisms must fight for it in order to survive. And who wins? The ones that have a favorable characteristic. They survive while others die. When the number of organisms that die exceeds the number that is born, this is the death phase in a population. Death phase is very common if the initial population gets too big.

WILL GIVE BRAINLIEST!!! HELP ASAP!!!Which of the following statements is true? Electrons are found in the nucleus. A piece of magnesium is made only of magnesium atoms. All 118 elements occur naturally on Earth. Protons and neutrons orbit the nucleus of an atom.



The last one


They are both found in the middle and everything else is false




B. is wrong bc they don't occur naturally

Please I need help with question 52 which is describe the relationship between seasonal change in the northern hemisphere and the position of the suns vertical rays striking earth and it’s very hard and I’m struggling with it


as the northern hemisphere is in summer ( position C) it is closer to the sun resulting in it being warmer

After proteins are made they must be sorted and packaged in preparation for use by cells. Where does this take place? (For context this is about plant and animal cells)


The Golgi Apparatus functions as a factory in which proteins are further processed and sorted for transport to their eventual destinations.

Which climate might one expect for Europe? A. polar B. arctic C. tropical D. temperate


It would be D. temperate. -Hope it helps!
Europe might experiance D. temperate. -Hope this helps! ;)