Five-hundred twenty-one million, three hundred four thousand, six hundred two and three tenths. In standard form


Answer 1
Answer: The answer in standard form is 521,340,602.3

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The points scored by a basketball team in its last 6 gamesare shown. Use these data for 7 and 8.Points Scored73 77 85 84 37 1157. Find the mean score and the median score.MeanMedians. Which measure better describes the typical number of points scored?Explain.
Wright the equation of the line with slope 1 y intercept 0,2
What's 80÷7 I need this answer fast thank you it's for 65 points
Tom has a collection of 30 CDs and Nita has a collection of 18 CDs. Tom is adding 1 CD per month to his collection while Nita is adding 5 CDs per month to her collection. After how many months will Tom and Nita have the same number of CDs? Show your work

jimmy and his family are on their way to visit some family friends who live 780 miles away from them.based on the route they chose they expect to complete their trip in three days. the distances and average speeds for the first two days driven are shown below. first day 4 hours at an averge speed of 60 miles per hour second day 6 hours at average speed of 65 miles per hour if the average speed on the third day is 60 miles pe hour how many more hours willit tak foe them to reach their family friends home


If they drive an average of 60 miles per hour the last day it will take them 2.5 hours.

4 hours at 60 miles per hour = 4*60 = 240 miles

6 hours at 65 miles per hour = 6*65 = 390 miles

This is a total of 630 miles.  There are 780-630=150 miles left; if they average 60 miles per hour, that would be 150/60 = 2.5 hours.

Jacqueline earned a commission of $200 for one week at work. Her commission rate is 12% of the merchandise she sells. How much merchandise, m, did she sell that week? Identify the equation that solves the problem using the idea:



D m(0.12) = 200

Step-by-step explanation



Step-by-step explanation:


Kathleen had a bag of candy-coated chocolates. Of the 60 candies in the bag, 20% were red, 30% were orange, 30% were green, and 20% were blue. Of the blue ones, 20% had a damaged candy coating. Approximately how many of the blue ones had a damaged candy coating?


The percentage is calculated by dividing the required value by the total value and multiplying by 100.

Requiredpercentagevalue = a

total value = b

Percentage = a/b x 100

The number of damagedbluecandies is 4.

What is a percentage?

The percentage is calculated by dividing the required value by the total value and multiplying by 100.


Requiredpercentagevalue = a

total value = b

Percentage = a/b x 100


50% = 50/100 = 1/2

25% = 25/100 = 1/4

20% = 20/100 = 1/5

10% = 10/100 = 1/10

We have,

Totalnumber of candies = 60

Number of bluecandies = 20% of 60

This means,

= 20/100 x 60

= 12

The number of damaged blue candies.

= 20% of 20

= 20/100 x 20

= 4


The number of damagedbluecandies is 4.

Learn more about percentages here:


60*20% are red
60*30% are orange
60*30% are green
60*20% are blue = 12 * 20% = 2.4 blue candy chocolates that are damaged

Which of the following is a reasonable estimated answer to the following problem?989,867 ÷ 999


Help please?


989,867 \approx 1,000,000
999 \approx 1000

\implies  (989,867)/(999) \approx  (1,000,000)/(1000)
(1,000,000)/(1000) = 1000

So the answer is approximately 1000.



I did it in my math wok and got it correct

3 times a number is 42 what is the number?


If 3 times a number is 42 then the number is 14.

Given that we need to determine 3 times a number is 42 what is the number.

To find the number, let's call it "x," based on the given information, we can set up an equation.

The information states that "3 times a number is 42," which can be written as:

3x = 42

To find the value of "x," we need to isolate it on one side of the equation. We can do this by dividing both sides of the equation by 3:

3x / 3 = 42 / 3

x = 14

So, the number is 14. To verify, we can substitute "x" back into the original equation:

3 × 14 = 42

And we see that indeed, 3 times the number 14 equals 42, which confirms that our solution is correct.

Learn more about Multiplication click;


the number would be 14.

in order for you to figure this out you divide.

42/3=14  and

14 * 3 = 42

hope this helps.

Write the expression as a constant , a single trigonometric function, or a power of a trigonometric function. Sin x cos x/ tan x


The expression a single Trigonometric function(sin(x) * cos(x)) / tan(x) simplifies\ to \ 1.

Let's  express the expression(sin(x) *  cos(x)) / tan(x) in terms of a single trigonometric function or a power of a trigonometric function, we can simplify it as follows:

(sin(x) * cos(x)) / tan(x)

First, we can use the trigonometric identity: tan(x) = sin(x) / cos(x).

(sin(x) *  cos(x)) / (sin(x) / cos(x))

Now, we can simplify by canceling out common terms in the numerator and denominator:

(sin(x) * cos(x)) * (cos(x) / sin(x))

Now, we can see that the sin(x) term in the numerator cancels out with the sin(x) term in the denominator, and the cos(x) term in the denominator cancels out with the cos(x) term in the numerator:

= 1

the \  expression (sin(x) * cos(x)) / tan(x) simplifies\ to \ 1.

For more such questions on Trigonometric function




Step-by-step explanation:

Using the trigonometric identity

• tanx = (sinx)/(cosx), then


= (sinxcosx)/((sinx)/(cosx) )

= sinxcosx × (cosx)/(sinx)

cancel the sinx in the multiplier with the sin x on the denominator

= cos²x