Does the order of quantities in inequality matter


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The order of quantities in inequality does not matter. 

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Identify whether each of the following dilations are enlargements or reductions1. (0.2x, 0.2y)
2. (4/5x, 4/5y)
3. (5/4x, 5/4y)
4. (7.5x, 7.5y)

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1. The dilation (0.2x, 0.2y) is an enlargement.

When the scale factor of a dilation is greater than 1, it results in an enlargement. In this case, the scale factor is 0.2, which is less than 1. However, the absolute value of the scale factor is greater than 1. Therefore, it is considered an enlargement.

For example, let's consider a point (2, 3). After applying the dilation with a scale factor of 0.2, the new coordinates would be (0.4, 0.6). This shows that the image has been enlarged.

2. The dilation (4/5x, 4/5y) is an enlargement.

Similar to the first dilation, the scale factor in this case is less than 1, but its absolute value is greater than 1. Hence, it is an enlargement.

For instance, if we have a point (5, 6) and apply the dilation with a scale factor of 4/5, the new coordinates would be (4, 4.8). This demonstrates an increase in size.

3. The dilation (5/4x, 5/4y) is also an enlargement.

The scale factor here is greater than 1, which indicates an enlargement.

Let's consider a point (8, 10) and apply the dilation with a scale factor of 5/4. The new coordinates would be (10, 12.5), indicating an increase in size.

4. The dilation (7.5x, 7.5y) is an enlargement.

Once again, the scale factor is greater than 1, confirming that it is an enlargement.

For example, if we have a point (1, 2) and apply the dilation with a scale factor of 7.5, the new coordinates would be (7.5, 15), indicating an increase in size.

In summary, all the given dilations result in enlargements as their scale factors are either greater than 1 or their absolute values are greater than 1.

Step-by-step explanation:



Step-by-step explanation:

#9 I need help
Show ur work


1. convert knots to miles per hour
2. then miles per hour to yards per second.
3. use this formula
→1 mile per hour = 0.488888889 yards per second
1,151 miles/h * 20=23,02miles/h. Equals ~11,25 yards/second

What is 22.5% written as a fraction in simplest form?


x% = x/100


22.5% = \sf{(22.5)/(100)}

Multiply 2 on both sides:


Divide by 5 on both sides:


So your final answer is \boxed{\sf{(9)/(40)}}
225/1000 = 45/200 = 9/40
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8 out of 21 instruments in the band are woodwind. if there are 63 instruments in the band, how many more are not woodwinds than woodwinds?



15 more are not woodwinds than woodwinds

Step-by-step explanation:

If there are 8woodwinds out of 21instruments, to know the number of woodwinds when we have 63instruments can be gotten as shown below;

8woodwinds = 21instruments

x woodwinds = 63instruments

Cross multiplying we will have;

x woodwinds × 21instruments = 8 woodwinds × 63instruments

x woodwinds = 8woodwimds × 63instruments/ 21instruments

x = 8×63/21

x = 24

This shows that there will be 24 woodwinds if there are 63 instruments

If there are 24woodwinds, number of those not woodwinds will be;

63-24 = 39

Therefore we have 24woodwinds and 39 that are not woodwinds.

To know how many more instruments that are not woodwinds than woodwinds, we will take the difference between those not woodwinds and those of woodwinds to give;

39-24 = 15

This shows 15 more are not woodwinds than woodwinds

Well21-8= 1363-21=4242-21=2113*2=26 tThere is 26 non woodwind instruments

What is 5 divided by 312 in the long way


well 5 will be on the outside then 312 will be on the inside
see what goes in 31(6)
thats all i got

At the end of june Mr kent had a Balance of $375.98 . Since then he has Written Check for $38.56 and made a deposit of $408.00. His Checkbook shows a Balance of $645.42 . Find Mr.Kent Correct Balance


$745.42 because $375.98 - $38.56 = $337.42. Since Mr. Kent deposited $408.00 into his balance at the bank, $408.00 + $337.42 = $745.42.