Im also stuck on this
im also stuck on this - 1


Answer 1
Answer: The box-and-whisker plot is just a fancy way of dividing stuff into quarters.

1/4 (a quarter) of the tanks use 350-450 gallons.
1/4 use 450-500 gallons.
1/4 use 500-600 gallons.
1/4 use 600-750 gallons.

Two of those are above 500.
1/4 and 1/4 makes 2/4 or 1/2.

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Is 4.966 closer to 4.96 or 4.97


It's closer to 4.97 because if you round to the nearest tenths, you will get 4.97.
the answer to your problem is 4.97 because in 4.966 you need to look in the hundrenths place five or up you move to the next number 

Carl has three lengths of cable. 5/6 yard long, 1/4 yard long, and 2/3 yard long. He needs at least 1 yard of cable. After Carl has used 1 yard of cable, how much cable will he have left? Explain how you found your answer.


so this wants you to add the fractions and subtract 1/1

we know that 6/8=3/4 because 3/4 times 2/2 (or 1) os 6/8

so we need the denomenators (bottom number) to be the same

so 5/6=10/12
add them together
21/12=1 and 9/12
subtract 1 and get
9/12 left or 3/4 yard left

How can $500 be divided between two people so that one person gets $50 more than the other?


well half of 500 is 250 so one person gets 300$ and the other gets 250$
Here's how to do it. Split the money in half. Then take $25 from one pile and put it in the other pile. Give one pile to each person. One will have $225 and the other will have 275.

Fraction 33/100 as decimal


33/100 = 0.333333333

The 3 goes on and on.
this fraction as a decimal would be 0.33 or just .33

Each house will be built in 5\6 of an acre. How much land would be needed for 7 houses?


ok so
amount of land needed=number of houses times amount of land per hours
amount of land needed=7 times 5/6
7 times 5/6=7/1 times 5/6=(5 times 7)/(1 times 6)=35/6=5 and 5/6 acres
If each land takes up 5/6 of an acre (1x5/6).

We can work out how much 7 houses will take up with 7x5/6.
= 5.83333

Hope I helped!

Josie has a 1364 page book to read over summer vacation she wants to read the same number of pages each day for 62 days what is the total number of pages Josie will need to read each day


1364 pages/62 days = 22 pages per day

Final answer:

Josie must read 22 pages per day in order to finish her 1364 page book over a 62-day summer vacation.


This question is about dividing a total quantity into equal daily amounts. It requires the use of division in mathematics. To find out how much Josie needs to read each day, we need to divide the total number of pages (1364) by the total number of days (62).

The division equation is: 1364 รท 62 = 22.

So, Josie needs to read 22 pages each day in order to complete her book in the given time period.

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