How much liquid volume can a soup spoon hold?


Answer 1
Answer: The most a soup spoon could hold is 3-7 mL.

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If I did the did heheheudjdjdjdjdjdjdjd

12 is a common denominator of 1/4 and 1/3


True... both 3 and 4 are factors of 12 so it can be used as a common denominator.

1/3 × 4/4 = 4/12
1/4 × 3/3 = 3/12
Yes because 4 times 3 equals 12 and 3 times 4 equals 12

What is the area of a triangle with a base of 5cm and height with 3cm


(5x3)/2 = 7.5cm^(2)

Ron wants to deliver a package to his friend. He is considering two courier services to do the job. The first courier service is charging a flat fee of $15 plus $3 per pound of the package’s weight.The second courier service is charging a flat fee of $25 plus $2 per pound of the package’s weight.

The costs of the two courier services are shown in the graph below.

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B. 10
15 + 3(10) = 45
25 + 2(10) = 45

Freddy is helping buy ingredients for salads for the school spaghetti dinner. He bought 10 pounds of onions at $0.69 per pound, 100 pounds of tomateos at $0.99 pounds, 1,000 pounds of bread crumbs at $0.09 per pound, and 100 pounds of lettuce at $0.69 per pound. Which of the things he bought cost the most?


Hey there,

Answer: Tomatoes 

If you multiply 10 x 0.69 (for onions) it would be 6.9
If you multiply 100 x 0.99 (for tomatoes) it would be 99
Lastly, if you multiply 100 x 0.69 (for lettuce) if would be 69

Which are the most? Tomatoes.

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Final answer:

By multiplying the quantity of each item by its cost, you can see that the tomatoes were the most expensive item that Freddy bought for the school spaghetti dinner.


To calculate which item Freddy spent the most on, multiply the quantity he bought by the cost per unit. For onions, he spent 10 pounds x $0.69/pound = $6.90. For tomatoes, his cost was 100 pounds x $0.99/pound = $99.00. For bread crumbs, he spent 1000 pounds x $0.09/pound = $90.00. Lastly, for lettuce the cost was 100 pounds x $0.69/pound = $69.00. Therefore, the most expensive item he bought was tomatoes.

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Given the line 5x – 2y = 10, Find the equation of a parallel line that passes through the point (2, 3). Find the x- and y-intercepts of both lines. Plot the intercepts and use them to graph both lines on the same set of axes.


1) subtract 5x from both sides
2) you will be left with 2y= -5x +10
3) then you divide 2 from the three numbers
4) you will be left with y=-5/2x +5
your slope is -5/2x
and your y-intercept is 5
which means your point starts at (0,5) on the graph