Which of the following nations were neutral in 1942


Answer 1


Sweden, Ireland, Spain, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey.


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How might the doctrine of free will promote democracy


The "doctrine of free will" blended easily with political ideas about democracy and independence because it taught people that their actions would have consequences.

How did Pericles change the government of Athens???


Pericles was an influential person during the Peloponnesian War, (Athens' war with its archrival Sparta). He rose to power from being in the law courts, and was successful in banishing his political enemies, by means of ostracism. Ostracism was a way for an Athenian to practice democracy, aside from electing leaders. However, it also meant the banishment of someone out of Athens. Without his rivals, he was one of the most powerful men in all of Athens, and took charge over the Athenian navy and army. 
Pericles also passed some laws to gain support from the masses, such as free theater plays for the poor, the rebuilding of Athens due to the war, and a law that made jury service something to be paid for. This impressed Athens' allies, and turned the Delian League (Athens and its allies) a powerful force in Greece, in some sort of empire.

Final answer:

Pericles significantly changed the government of Athens during its Golden Age, consolidating it into a democracy. He introduced pay for public office and established a law requiring both parents to be Athenian for citizenship, promoting equality and community unity.


Pericles was a prominent and influential statesman, orator, and general of Athens during the city's Golden Age. He significantly changed the government of Athens, consolidating it into a democracy. Pericles believed in the power of the people and thus introduced the concept of pay for public office, enabling poor Athenians some degree of political power. They could now participate in the political process without it being at the expense of their livelihoods.

Furthermore, Pericles established the law that to be a citizen of Athens, both parents must be Athenian. These actions allowed for a greater sense of equality within Athens while also promoting a strong sense of community unity. Pericles' changes to the government had significant and lasting impacts that continue to the present day, contributing to the groundwork for modern democracies.

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How did economies of Athens and Sparta differ from one another


Spartans tend to expand their economy through the use of conquering territories and people, and also through farming. Since most of them are warriors, they let slaves do the labor.

Athenians tend to expand their economy through the use of trading money and other goods. They rely heavily on trading, and most of their citizens do the labor.
Athens was dependent on trade, whilst Sparta was more dependent on agriculture and conquering other people.

Which statement does NOT describe a cultural change that occurred in the 1920s?A.
Laws supporting the theory of evolution were passed in many southern states.

Law-abiding citizens unintentionally supported organized crime by drinking illegal liquor.

Black musicians, such as Duke Ellington, became popular with white audiences.

Women were sometimes arrested for wearing bathing suits that exposed their legs.

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The answer is A and I know
i think the answer is A!

The Venus of Willendorf and other similar statuettes have the following characteristics except for _____. exaggerated anatomy they are life sized fertility features no specific identity


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The Venus of Willendorf and other similar statuettes have the following characteristics except for

They are life sized!

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The answer is "they are life sized"

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Rocks crack and shift when______ from moving plates becomes too great


The answer is pressure
Energy, which causes the built up pressure. :)