Compare the two functions give. explain which function has the greater rate of change


Answer 1
Answer: what are the two functions. you have to show the two functions in order for me to answer your question.

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Y = 5x^2 + 7linear or nonlinear
The rise and span for a roof are shown. The pitch of a roof is the ratio of the rise to the half-span. If the rise is 8 feet and the span is 30 feet, what is the pitch in simplest form?
How do you find the value of x for this figure?
Gregory predicts that 310 people will attend the spring play. And there was an actual total of 220 people who attended the spring play. What is the percent error.
Malika charges $7.20 per hour for babysitting.she babysits 4 hours each week.she spends $10 per week and puts the rest of her earnings in a saving account.after 12 weeks,Malika's grandparents put a gift of money in her savings account that is equal to 0.25 times the amount she has saved from babysitting earning.How much money does Malika have in her savings account after the gift from her grandparents? Show your work

Use the number line to find the difference of 2 1/2 -9.


-6 1/2

If you start at 2 1/2 and go back -9 you will end up with -6 1/3
-6 1/2 because if you have 2 and 1/2 and take away 9 you get the Answer: -6 1/2 checking work and I’m right .

Which expression represents the sum of (2x-5y) and ( x+y)


2x-5y + x+y 
combine like terms 


(A) 3x - 4y

Step-by-step explanation:

Denise has 1/2cup of vegetable oil that she will use in making several batches of cookies. Each batch requires 1/8 cup of vegetable oil. evaluate the expression below to find the number of batches of cookies Denise will make


First, you need to set the denominators equal.
Then divide.
Notice that the denominators cancel each other out. You then have whole numbers that divide easily.
The answer is that Denise can make 4 batches of cookies on 1/2 cup of vegetable oil.

If a cone has a surface area of 822.78cm^2 and a diameter of 18cm, find the slant height of the cone



20.11\ cm

Step-by-step explanation:

we know that

The surface area of the cone is equal to

SA=\pi r^(2)+\pi rl


r is the radius

l is the slant height

In this problem we have

SA=822.78\ cm^(2)

r=18/2=9\ cm -----> the radius is half the diameter

substitute and solve for l

822.78=\pi (9)^(2)+\pi (9)l

822.78=81\pi +9\pi l


l=(822.78-81(3.14))/9(3.14)=20.11\ cm

#9 I need help
Show ur work


1. convert knots to miles per hour
2. then miles per hour to yards per second.
3. use this formula
→1 mile per hour = 0.488888889 yards per second
1,151 miles/h * 20=23,02miles/h. Equals ~11,25 yards/second

Convert decimal to fraction


Converting decimals into fractions is simple, all you have to do is think about the number, for example .25, if you look at it you realize it's 1/4 of 1, so it's naturally 1/4, you do this with all of them
You have to Multiply the decimal by 100