How did Wilson violate the US's strategy of isolationism prior to WWI?


Answer 1

Isolationism refers to America's longstanding reluctance to become involved in European alliances and wars. Isolationists held the view that America's perspective on the world was different from that of European societies and that America could advance the cause of freedom and democracy by means other than war.

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(Help) Which of the following are Democratic presidents? Kennedy


Kennedy, Carter, and Jackson.

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Try reading the book, I know that will have ALL of the answers you will need to be successful.

What factors caused Europeans to seek new trade routes to Asia


The correct answer is the following.

The factors that caused Europeans to seek new trade routes to Asia were that the Ottoman Turks blocked the trade route to the city of Constantinople in 1453. This happened because the Ottoman Army had captured that part of Constantinople that was located in the famous Silk Road between Europe and Asia. Then, European traders began to look for new routes that could take them and their products to the East. The closure of the road by the Ottomans to boycott trade also serve as the beginning of the Age of Discovery, when explorers navigated the sea in order to find new routes for its products.

The SIlk road was a series of roads that were established for trade and transportation purposes during the Chinese Han Dynasty. The Silk Road was the main road that united the West and the East form 130 BCE to 1453 CE.

Silk, spices, jewels, and riches were being taxed so they wanted to find a quicker rout to get the items before they are taxed high.

What is Ben franklins middle name?


Benjamin Franklin, like many other people born in the 17th-18th centuries, had no middle name. Middle names only really became widely used in the early 20th century, Before then, most people only had a first and last name.
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he doesnt have a middle name. as middle names were uncomon durring the 1700s

Which court MOST LIKELY handles cases in which the death penalty is involved?


Normally the supreme court, I think

The Supreme court. Because most major cases are held there.

Which nation would MOST LIKELY be associated with restrictions on personal liberties like freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and freedom of the press?A) the empire of Japan
B) the Republic of India
C) the Republic of Taiwan
D) the People's Republic of China


D) the People's Republic of China

China has been known for it's restrictions on those freedoms throughout history. Their internet is censored and their press is very limited. The government only allows things they want the people to hear to be printed.


The correct option is D.

The People's Republic of China.


The People's Republic of China is NOT a Democracy.