Kaitlyn missed 15% of the 20 questions on her science lab.How many questions did Kaitlyn answer correctly?


Answer 1
Answer: she answered 17 questions correctly.
20* .15=3
she missed 3 questions.

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The school store sells 4 pencils for 50 cents. At that rate, what would be the cost of 10 pencils?
If a cross section was cut that was parallel to the base of a triangular prism below a shape with that cross section be ? A. SquareB. Triangle C. Parallelogram D. Rectangle
It took a car 5 days to travel 1459 miles. What was this car average speed in miles per hour ?
Ralph read 1/8 of his book. what fraction of the book does he still have left to read?​
You have the number 1-25 written on slips of paper. If you choose one slip at random, what is the probability that you will not select a number which is divisible by 3?

In a school election, 3/4 of the students vote. There are 1464 ballots. Write an equation using s as the variable to represent the total number of students.


it would be 75% of the students so divide

Final answer:

The equation is (3/4)*s = 1464. By solving for 's', we find that there are 1952 students in total at the school.


In the problem, it's given that 3/4 (or 75%) of the total number of students in the school voted in an election, and that number amounts to 1464 voted ballots. We can write this as a proportion of fractions to determine the total number of students (s). The equation is (3/4)*s = 1464.

To solve for the total number of students in the school, or s, you would divide 1464 by (3/4). This results in s being equal to 1952 students. This means that there are 1952 students in total at the school.

Learn more about Proportions here:



Suppose that on a coordinate plane a hexagon is reflected across the x-axis. Compare the area of the original hexagon to the area of the transformed figure. Justify your answer. A) The areas may or may not be the same because the scale is not given. B) The areas are equal. A reflection is a rigid transformation, which does not change the size of the original hexagon. Therefore, the area is preserved. C) The area of the original hexagon is greater than the transformed figure. A reflection decreases the size of the original polygon. Therefore, the area is not preserved. D) The area of the transformed hexagon is greater than the original figure. A reflection increases the size of the original polygon. Therefore, the area is not preserved.


Reflection along x-axis is just a swapping of left and right sides. It does not change the size or area of the hexagon.

Hence, the correct option is B.

Find f

thanks for helping


It should be F=(C * 9/5) +32 I believe

15.5% of what number is 108.5?




Step-by-step explanation:

Let the number is x

15.5% of x is 108.5

0.155x = 108.5

x = 108.5/0.155

x = 700



Step-by-step explanation:

Donna charges $25.75 for a haircut and $40.50 for a color treatment. Donna did 5 haircuts and 3 color treatment each day for 6 days. How much money did Donna earn altogether?


The answer is 1501.5

First, do 25.75 and multiply it times 5.
Second, do 40.50 and multiply it by 3.
Third, add your answers together
Fourth, multiply your answer by 6. Tada!

The air in a tire pump has a volume of 1.50 L at a temperature of 5.00ºC. If the temperature is increased to 30.0 ºC and the pressure remains constant, what is the new volume? Do not forget to convert ºC to K.



The new volume is 1.63 L

Step-by-step explanation:

A tire pump has a volume of 1.5 L, while the temperature is 5 °C When the temperature changes to 30 °C, the volume will change as well.

The pressure remains constant.

Since the pressure is constant we can use the following formula:

V1/T1  = V2/T2

V1 = the initial volume = 1.5L

T1 = the initial temperature = 5 °C = 273.15 + 5 = 278.15 K

V2 = the final volume = TO BE DETERMINED

T2 = the final temperature = 30 °C = 273.15 + 30 = 303.15 K

1.5L/ 278.15 Kelvin = V2/303.15 K

V2 = (1.50L * 303.15 Kelvin) / 278.15 Kelvin = 1.63 L

When the temperature increased from 5°C to 30°C, the volume will change to 1.63 L