Why were labor unions formed?


Answer 1
Answer: Labor unions were formed because workers wanted a shorter work day, better working conditions, and better wages
Answer 2
Answer: To help working people get better working environments hours and wages

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Which statement describes the Supreme Court case of Worcester v. Georgia?A.
President Andrew Jackson asked the court to protect the Cherokee land, but the court ruled against him.

The Cherokee lost their case in court and asked President Andrew Jackson for help in moving west of the Mississippi.

The court ruled that the Cherokee did not own the land, so President Andrew Jackson purchased it for them.

The court ruled that the land belonged to the Cherokee, but President Andrew Jackson refused to enforce the decision.


D.the court ruled that the land belonged to the Cherokee, but President Andrew Jackson refused to enforce the decision.

Which of the following allowed more young women to get office jobs?A. The typewriter
B. The bicycle
C. The railroad
D. The electric lightbulb


the typewriter , because they were only allowed to do office work
The typewriter because they became writers

What is not a part of Buddhist religious teachings?


the noble eight fold path ,,,,

Which precedent did George Washington set during his presidency? A.
He insisted on being called Your Excellency in public.

He created the first political party in the United States.

He wore civilian clothes rather than uniforms or royal attire.

He rarely sought advice from his cabinet secretaries.


were learning about this is school and im pretty sure its b

How did john smith save the colony


Be saved the colony be telling the people of Jamestown If you dont work you dont eat so most people started to work and succesfully got most things and jobs done.

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There are several myths regarding the birth of Aphrodite. Here are the the most accepted origins of the goddess.
First: She is thought to be the daughter of Zeus and the titaness Dione
Second: She rose out of Uranus' private parts when Cronus cut it off.