What was the difference between the direct democracy in Athens and the representative democracy of the United States?


Answer 1
Answer: The US have reps who represent the amount of votes from the ppl. For example 1 rep=100 of the ppls votes. Then they vote.

In Athens they don't have reps the votes are counted directly.

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How did the outcome of the war affect the federalist partys efforts to change the constitution


The efforts of the Revolutionary War left our country surviving as individual states holding the most power and bitter rivals for land,economics and such. It also left us with no way to back the continentals (what the money was called) with any substance. In other words continentals were basically not worth much. We also did not have a navy to protect our trade with the West Indies or other British ports and since we owed Spain and could not pay it Spain closed off our waterway - the Mississippi River. 
This being done we attempted to come up with a federal government who's power was extremely limited. The federalist regrouped, sat down and created our Constitution- getting rid of the bad parts of the Articles and creating a stronger government. One which has become a leader for other countries. 
Hope this helps. Sorry for it being so long- but I'm a substitute teacher which specializes in social studies from 6th to 12th grade. 

What is an example of public service?‚Äč


Public services encompass fitness care, waste removal, and transportation, and are systems and answers which could gain various corporations of individuals. The government may additionally offer those services itself or offer investment to a personal corporation to offer them to community participants.

What type of carrier is the public provider?

A public carrier is something that includes health care, shipping, or the elimination of waste that's prepared by means of the authorities or an authentic body with a purpose to benefit all the humans in a selected society or community. The money is utilized by nearby governments to pay for public services.

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Some examples of public service jobs include work with government organizations, family service agencies, or 501(c)(3) nonprofits.

some examples of public service jobs are:

public sector-These fields are some of the most well-trod routes to public service.

public safety- Health services, emergency management, disaster response, and firefighting, these jobs and more are in the realm of public safety.

Education- Teaching in a public school, including a university, is considered public service. Most education jobs require a teaching certification and possibly a master's degree.

Government and diplomacy- Federal, local, and state governments need workers in many fields all over the world.

Non-profit admin.- every nonprofit needs skilled administrators, accountants, marketing experts, event planners, and graphic designers. Grant writing or fundraising is a frequent need, if you want to put your college persuasive writing skills to good use.

What is the name of the national anthem?


The star spangled banner
The name of the national anthem is The star spangled banner.

Choose all the answers that apply.Which of the following occurs during data analysis?
observations are made
statistical information is calculated
Omathematical calculations are completed
D graphs are created
Odata is collected



Following activities are performed during data analysis.

  • Observations are made
  • Statistical information is calculated
  • Mathematical calculations are completed
  • Graphs are created


  • Data analysis is essentially the part in which the data is dealt with on various levels and through various methods.
  • For the data to be available for analysis, it first needs to be fetched from reliable sources. Thus, the collection of data doesn't come under data analysis.

What kind of jobs did the Greeks do?


The Greeks had many diffrent jobs men were  farmer, fisherman, teacher, soldier, government worker, and a teacher. The women usally stayed home and did house work and take care of the childern and cook meals.

A group of people who settle far from home but keep ties with their home country


Your answer is a colony. Hope this helped


The answer is a Colony.


it is a country that is controlled by a more powerful country. an example of that word used in a sentence is this,

"he was born in Algeria, a former colony of France."