Why dose cold air sink


Answer 1

Because it is denser (heavier) then hot air

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in mendel’s experiments, did it matter if the dominant trait came from the seed plant or the pollen plant?
Which of the following is a substance that is found between the cell membrane and the nucleus, which primarily consists of water and holds organelles?
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I need help ImmediatelyAll of the following are examples of helping endangered species EXCEPT:A.habitat restoration which may include removing invasive speciesB.overfishing in only certain areasC.reintroducing native speciesD.habitat preservationand Why are invasive species often considered a disturbance in an ecosystem?A. They compete for resources.B. They have special growth needs.C. They cause increased biodiversity.D. They increase mutations.

Reptiles have a special egg that feeds their young called a(n)?


Reptiles have a special egg that feeds their young called an amniotic egg. Therefore, option (B) is correct.

Reptiles, birds, and certain mammals reproduce on land thanks to the amniotic egg's extraordinary evolution. Its shell protects the embryo from external dangers and desiccation. The amnion, which encloses the embryo in a fluid-filled chamber, is a key element of the amniotic egg. Amniotic fluid protects the embryo from mechanical shocks and allows gas exchange.

Reptiles can lay eggs on land without returning to water thanks to the amniotic egg, which marks the transition from aquatic to terrestrial life. This adaptability has helped reptiles colonise different ecosystems worldwide. Therefore, option (B) is correct.

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It is called an amniotic egg.

What is a food chain? Describe how the transformation of energy takes place within a food chain.


so when animals eat food they turn the food into two things energy and waste. waste is a natural fertilizer for plants to grow in the wild and the energy is for moving and hunting for prey

Ice wedging is brought about by ____.a.

carbonic acid freezing on rocks

water and oxygen reacting


water freezing and thawing


rocks colliding with each other



c. water freezing and thawing


Ice wedging is formed during the coldest days of the year, when we have winter, the water that reach the soil, starts to freeze. The water is a strange molecule, when is cold, and turns into a solid, we can observe that the volume increases, that is reason that the soil can split with an ice wedging.

c. water freezing and thawing

The body of tapeworm is segmented but it doesnot belong to phylum annelidai why​





Flatworms, roundworms, and segmented worms are all invertebrates. Some species of each type of worm are free-living, meaning they are not dependent on another organism.Some are parasitic.

Flatworms belong to phylum Platyhelminthes. They do not have a coelom, respiratory system or a circulatory system.Tapeworms flukes are examples of flatworms.

Roundworms are part of the phylum Nematoda. They are bilaterally symmetrical invertebrates.They have a psuedocoelom. Ascaris lumbricodes is the most common human parasite.

Segmented worms are the most complex animals of these three invertebrates. They are placed in Annelida. Segmented worms have a true coelom, a circulatory system and a digestive system.An earthworm is a segmented worm.

Final answer:

Although tapeworms have segmented bodies, they do not belong to the phylum Annelida due to key biological differences. The segments in tapeworms are reproductive and not involved in locomotion or digestion, unlike in Annelids, and their nervous systems are structurally different.


The body of a tapeworm is indeed segmented, but it does not belong to the phylum Annelida because there are key differences in their biological make-up. Annelids, such as earthworms, have bodies made up of similarly structured segments with a central nervous system. Moreover, these segments have the potential to function independently.

On the contrary, tapeworms, which belong to the phylum Platyhelminthes, while they have segmented bodies, their segments don't have an independent functional capacity. In tapeworms, these 'proglottids' are reproductive in nature and not involved in locomotion or digestion like the segments in Annelids. Additionally, their nervous systems are structurally different from that of the Annelida.

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Which of these is an example of mutualism?A -Cattle egret eats the exposed insects as the cattle graze
B -Honeybee pollinates a flower while gathering nectar
C -Tick gains nourishment by sucking blood from a dog
D -Two bucks fight to gain territory and to gain a mate


The correct answer is B. Honeybee pollinates a flower while gathering nectar.

Mutualism is an interspecific interaction between two species in which both the species are benefited from the interaction. Honeybee visits flower to collect nectar for its food. In the process of collecting nectar, pollen grains stuck to its body. Flower gets pollinated when hone bee visits another flower. Thus, both  honeybee and plants get benefit from this interaction.    

its B cause it the both good for each other

Greek philosophers such as Democritus and Aristotle had ideas about the composition of matter. For example, Democritus believed matter was made of tiny, solid spheres that he called atomos, and Aristotle thought matter was made of earth, water, fire, and air. Aristotle's idea of matter was the accepted idea for over 2,000 years until John Dalton came up with a new theory about matter based on his experimental data. Which of the following best explains why Dalton’s theory became more widely-accepted over Aristotle's theory?Aristotle’s theory did not have enough direct evidence due to poor observational tools.

Dalton’s theory had repeated observations which were supported by extensive evidence.

Dalton’s theory was more complete because more respected scientists found the ideas possible.

Aristotle’s theory became the law of conservation of mass when he documented phase changes of matter.



The correct answer based on what you provided would be B, or the second answer.


There is evidence in the text to support the answer, and people tend to believe conclusive results over just believing in something, and Dalton's theory was based on results.

The second one daltons theory was based on experimenting