How many quarts is 2.5 gallons


Answer 1
Answer: 2.5 gallons 
how many quarts?

1 gallon = 4 quarts

Make proportions:
2.5 × 4 = 1q
10 quarts = q

2.5 gallons = 10 quarts

Answer 2
Answer: The answer would be: 10 quarts

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What is 4 3\4 as a fraction?
NEED HELP NOW!Use the distributive property to remove the parentheses. −2−3y−x6
1. 86 Is 45% of what number? A. 86=0.45n B. n=0.45x86 C.0.45=n x 86 D. 86=45n2. What percent of 26 is 4? A. 0.26=n x 4 B. n=0.26 x 4 C. 4=n x 26 D. 26=4n
Can u guys help me on this one too 20 + g = 25
How do u work out percentages

boards 4 U charges $10 per hour to rent a snowboard while slopes charges 12 per hour. will the cost to rent snow board at each place ever be the same for the same number of hour after zero hour if so for what number of hour


Never. If you rent one hour the difference will be $12 - $10 =$2, if your rent for 2 hours, the difference will be $24 - $20 = $4, and so the difference will grow as the number of hours increase.

during the 2008 - 2009 season there were 801372 people who attended the home hockey games in Philadelphia there were 609907 people who attended the home hockey games in Phoenix how much greater was the home attendance in Philadelphia than in Phoenix that season?


there is a difference of 191'465 people.

you simply subtract 609907 from 801372 and you get 191465

Teresa and Elaine want to know who reads more pages per hour. Teresa keeps track of the number of pages she reads in a graph, and Elaine keeps track of how many pages she reads in a table. How many pages per hour does each girl read, and who reads at a faster rate? Teresa:_____ pages per hour

Elaine:_____ pages per hour

This person who reads faster is:__________(Type T for Teresa or E for Elaine)

Elaine’s Reading Log
Time (h) 2.5 3 5 8
Pages read 70 84 140 224


 Teresa --12÷0.5=24     --       24 pages per hour
Elaine    -- 70÷2.5=28     --      28 pages per hour
E--Elanie reads the fastest

A company shipped 48 boxes of canned dog food each box contains 24 cans how many cans of food did the company ship in all


To do this you have to multiply 48 by 24.  This will give you 1,152.  They shipped 1,152 cans of food in all.
You would have to multiply 48 * 24 and the answer is 1152

Four hundred two million seventy-three thousand one hundred eighty in standard form


I think its 400,200000,730000,8 if its wrong in so sorry
402,073,180 this is the answer in standard form

In the file below. (Sorry, question has pictures can't write it out.)


As what I can observe, the pathway can be formed with 2 right triangles. Thus, I'll get the area of the 2 right triangles and multiply its area by the paving cost per square meter.

Area of Right Triangle: ab / 2
a = 6 2/3 m ⇒ 20/3 m; b = 3m

Area of 1 triangle= (20/3 m * 3 m) ÷ 2 = 20 ÷ 2 = 10 m²   

Area of 2 triangles = 10m² * 2 = 20 m²

Total cost = $40 * 20m² = $800