A father's child A mother's child, yet no ones son what am i ?


Answer 1
Answer: If you are a child but not a son....
then you are a daughter

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What is a danger the family faces while living on the island? A. contagious diseases B. seasonal droughts C. winter storms D. lack of food
Where is the main idea of a paragraph stated?A. In a supporting sentenceB. In the topic sentencec. In a clincherD. In the thesis statement​
Which statement about the infierno is true
What is the tense of the CAPITALIZED verb in the sentence? The store owner, Mr. Jenkins, who is a generous man, (DONATED) a large sum of money to a local charity.A.presentB.futureC.pastD.present perfect
Ainsley wants to make a text-to-self connection so she can visualize the setting. How can she best connect with the excerpt?by thinking about the naps she has takenby thinking about pictures of her friendsby thinking about what her room looks likeby thinking about how a cold floor feels

What does issue mean?


Issue mean a problem.Example:I had a issue reading a Arabic book
Issue can be a problem.
Hope it helps

What helps you to identify the main idea if it is not clearly stated?


The Description..........................

Why do the leaders of the town believe that Pearl could be a negative influence on Hester in the book The Scarlet Letter


Pearl is quite a conflictive figure in The Scarlett letter. Her behavior throughout the story can be subject to a lot of distinct interpretations, because of the multi-faceted personality she displays. Early on we understand that see she's a special and very intelligent kid, but through many of her actions and attitudes it's shown that there's a darker side to her nature. Often, she even seems to hurt Hester's feelings knowingly. This could easily lead us to believe that Pearl as the personification of Hester's sin and see her in a negative light, much like many of the town's leaders do. Ultimately, she ends up being of great help to Hester's recovery and we're able to see that she's good natured, and her negative impact mostly comes from her beingjust a child that's naturally lacking in maturity but doesn't really mean any harm.

Hope this helps!

Which is an example of how Old Yeller loves Travis unconditionally? A.
when Old Yeller is injured but walks all the way home to get help for Travis

when Old Yeller risks his life to save Travis from a fox with hydrophobia

when Old Yeller is seriously injured but licks the wound Travis has on his leg

when Old Yeller attacks a bear that has grabbed Travis by the ankle


I would say C. It is different from the other answers because they involve saving Travis's life in some way, which dogs are rather "programmed" to do for their owners already. When Old Yeller licks the wound on Travis's leg, he is not doing this to save Travis's life. He is doing this because he cares for Travis, and he cares so much that he ignores his own wounds and tries to tend to Travis's wounds. I hope this helps. :)


"She's the youngest in the family. She's caring, mature, and ________"

Fill in the blank and make sure it RHYMES. You can write whatever you want.


a word that could maybe work is daring 
She's the youngest in the family. She's caring, mature and sharing? Daring?

Which sentence contains an example of dialect?A. "One at a time, one at a time,' laughed Dr. Livesey."

B. "Now, I tell you, Hawkins: if you like, I'll take you along."

C. "'Search him, some of you shirking lubbers, and the rest of you aloft and get the chest,' he cried."

D. "'Now, then, if Jim is agreeable, we'll open the packet'; and he laid it before him on the table."

And if you do happen to answer, could you maybe explain how it is a dialect? Also, the answer I think it may be is: C. (That's it lol) I think that because he called them aloft and shirking lubbers. The rest of the answers look normal.


It is C. It is C because it uses specific lexical or syntactical elements that are not considered to be the standard. This is a Pirate dialect, and people who are not pirates, or weren't pirates at that time, couldn't understand what a "shirking lubber". You were correct when you said "normal" because normal in this sense means that it is a grammatically correct standardized version of English.
C. "'Search him, some of you shirking lubbers, and the rest of you aloft and get the chest,' he cried."