If bobby has 12345867 tomatoes and wants to divide them into 5 boxes how many will be in each and how many will be left over.


Answer 1
Answer: 2469173 will be in each box. 2 will be leftover. i put this up BEFORE.

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sub x values for x



Billie’s monthly cell phone bill includes the cost of cell phone service, 15% tax on the cost of the cell phone service, and a $9.25 data fee. Billie’s monthly cell phone bill totals $61.What is the cost of the cell phone service before tax is added?


It would be $46 because when you add the 15% tax to it, the total is $61.
$61-15%=$46. To check $46+15%=61! Hope i helped! :-)

1200/180 =

(can someone please help me I'm desperate)


Using a calculator, 1200/180 = 6.67 approximately

If you use long division, then you'll get what you see in the diagram below

The 6's go on forever after the decimal point, but if you round to two decimal places, then you'll get that approximate value of 6.67


If you want a remainder, then 1200/180 = 6 remainder 120

You can think of it like you having 1200 cookies and 180 friends. Each friend will get 6 whole cookies and there will be 120 left over as the remainder.

The total capacity of 6 pitchers and 12 glasses is 21 liters. The capacity of a pitcher is 5 times that of a glass. Find the capacity of each glass. Give you answer in liters.


First you must set up an equation. Since there are 6 pitchers and 12 glasses you put. 6p + 12g = 21. Then they give you what p is (5g) and you plug that in and solve for g.

6(5g) + 12g = 21
30g + 12 g = 21
42 g = 21

Divide 42 on both sides to isolate the variable g. You get g = 0.5

The answer is that the capacity of each glass is 0.5 liters.

Are all equilateral quadrilaterals similar?


No. Similar figures need equal sets of angles. The angles of a square, for example, need not be equal to those of another rhombus.
No, not all the equilateral quadrilaterals are similar, it is not necessary. You may make any equilateral quadrilateral taking any measure.

Write a number sentence that tells what the model represents


5X3=15 i think is the answer
can you say more details