Michael exchanged 1000 is dollars for the Croatian currency which is called the kuna. The exchange rate was 5.81 kuna to $1 how many Croatian kuna did he get


Answer 1
Answer: $1000 divided by 5.81 = 172.117, so about 172 kuna

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Raj opens his bank account with $500. He deposits $40 each month. A) write a function that shows the amount in Raj's account after m months. B) after how many months will Raj have $780 in his bank account?


The expression for the money deposited in the bank is 500 + 40m and it will take 7 months to get the required amount.

What is compound interest?

The compound interest is a form of interest where the rate of interest is applied on the amount obtained after every interval of time.

(A) The balance of Raj's account is given as $500.

And, the money deposited every month is $40.

Suppose, the number of months be m.

Then, the following expression can be written for money in account as,

500 + 40m.

(B) The equation for the given case can be written as,

500 + 40m = 780

⇒ 40m = 280

⇒ m = 7

Hence, the required expression is 500 + 40m number of months required is 7.

To know more about compound interest click on,



Answer to B) is 7 months. Don’t quite understand A) though. More information about how many months you have to show for, would be quite helpful:)

YOU WILL BRAINLIST ALSO 47 POINTS!!!1. It takes 1 banana and 3 scoops of ice cream to make a banana split. If an ice cream shop scooped 42 scoops of ice cream into banana splits, how many bananas did they use? [Type your answer as a number.]
a0 bananas ___

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Step-by-step explanation:

i think it would be 14 bananas if u take 3 divided by 42

hope that is right.

he rides for 7 min and waits in line for 20 min, if he was to wait in line for 60 min then he would ride for 21 min, if you divide 20/60 then you'll get 3. Multiply the 7 with that 3 and you'll get "21".


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What is the answer?



Hope this helps :)
Before you can do anything, you need to get rid of the parenthesis so you can deal with the numbers inside them.

Distribute the 9:

Combine like terms (I subtracted the 10 from 36 and added the -9s to 4s)

Divide by 13 to get s alone


Hope this helps

22.48 as a whole number


The answer is 22, this is the answer because when you're rounding to the nearest whole number, you look at the number right next to the whole number. In  this case, the number is 22.48, you can rewrite this as 22 & 48/100. So since the 4 in .48 is lower than 5, you do not bump up the whole number. Making it 22

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The answer is 176.56! BTW how is that in the elementary category?
I think it is 55.175 but not quite sure