Listed in the table is the percentage of students who chose each kind of juice at lunchtime. use the table to determine the measure of the central angle you would draw to represent orange juice in a circle graphHELPPL PLEASE
listed in the table is the percentage of students who - 1


Answer 1

Answer: 108°

Step-by-step explanation:

Since, by the given table,

The percentage of the students who choose orange juice = 30 %

Thus the fraction that choose orange juice  =  (30)/(100)=(3)/(10)

Hence, out of total students 3/10 part of students choose orange juice.

Now for finding the central angle,

\text{ The central angle of 1 part of total students} = 360^(\circ)

\text{ The central angle of }(3)/(10) \text{ part of student}=(3)/(10)* 360^(\circ)

\text{ The central angle of }(3)/(10) \text{ part of student}=(1080)/(10)

\text{ The central angle of }(3)/(10) \text{ part of student}=108^(\circ)

That is, the central angle of the students who choose orange juice is 108°

Hence, Fourth option is correct.

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