4. The finest veal is _______-fed. A. field
B. grass
C. grain
D. milk


Answer 1


The finest veal is milk-fed.


Answer 2

The finest veal is milk-fed.

Option - D


The meat of calves or younger male dairy breeds is said to be veal whereas the meat of older ones is called beef. Since the male calves cannot lactate, they are used for veal. In Culinary, the veal is mostly used in the form of cutlets, like cotoletta (Italian) or Wiener Schnitzel, the famous Austrian dish.

The majority of veal meat produced in the US is from milk-fed calves. The milk-fed veal has a firm, velvety and fine appearance with ivory or creamy pink in color.

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The shareholders of Flannery Company have voted in favor of a buyout offer from Stultz Corporation. Information about each firm is given here:
The company’s president has asked the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) to record an additional $75,000 of revenue at the end of the year without providing supporting documentation. What is the most ethical thing to do?
______________ is/are an example of a detective control. a. Physical access controls b. Encryption c. Log analysis d. Emergency response teams
Heller Enterprises reports the following information. 2017 2016 Cash $10,800 $10,600 Operating assets $18,500 $18,800 Operating liabilities $14,100 $14,800 Net operating profit after tax $10,200 $10,300 Weighted average cost of capital 6.0% 6.0% What is the company's residual operating income (ROPI) for 2017? A. $9,072 B. $6,200 C. $9,312 D. $9,960 E. None of the above
Relate systems management theory

Wight Corporation has provided its contribution format income statement for June. The company produces and sells a single product. Sales (4,500 units) $ 180,000 Variable expenses 81,000 Contribution margin 99,000 Fixed expenses 45,000 Net operating income $ 54,000 If the company sells 4,600 units, its total contribution margin should be closest to: (Do not round intermediate calculations.)





First, we need to calculate the total contribution margin per unit

Contribution margin per unit = 99,000 ÷ 4,500

Contribution margin = $22 per unit

Then, we will multiply with the units sold to get the budgeted contribution margin

= Units sold × Contribution margin per unit

= 4,600 × $22

= $101,200

Therefore, its total contribution margin should be closest to $101,200

Last year, you earned a nominal rate of return of 6.92 percent on your bond investments. During that time, the inflation rate was 2.74 percent. How much did your purchasing power increase (real rate)



Real rate of return=  0.0418 = 4.18%


Giving the following information:

Nominal rate of return= 6.92%

Inflation rate= 2.74%

The inflation rate decreases the purchasing power of nominal money.

To calculate the real rate of return, we need to use the following formula:

Real rate of return= nominal rare of return - inflation rate

Real rate of return= 0.0692 - 0.0274

Real rate of return=  0.0418 = 4.18%

Gonzalez Company acquired $153,600 of Walker Co., 8% bonds on May 1 at their face amount. Interest is paid semiannually on May 1 and November 1. On November 1, Gonzalez Company sold $43,200 of the bonds for 98.Journalize entries to record the following in Year 1 (refer to the Chart of Accounts for exact wording of account titles):a. The initial acquisition of the bonds on May 1.b. The semiannual interest received on November 1.c. The sale of the bonds on November 1.d. The accrual of $1,300 interest on December 31.



The Journal entries are as follows:

(i) On may 1,

Investment - Walker Co. A/c    Dr.  $153,600

To cash                                                               $153,600

(To record the initial acquisition of the bonds)

(ii) On November 1,

Cash A/c( $153,600 × 8% × 6/12)   Dr.  $6,144

To Interest revenue                                            $6,144

(To record the semiannual interest received)

(iii) On November 1,

Cash A/c ($43,200 × 98%)          Dr. $30,240

Loss on sale of investment A/c  Dr. $12,960

To Investment - Walker Co.                                $43,200

(To record the sale of the bonds)

(iv) On December 31,

Interest receivable A/c   Dr. $1,300

To Interest revenue                          $1,300

(To record the accrual of $1,300 interest)

2. Inputs and outputs Yvette's Performance Pizza is a small restaurant in Detroit that sells gluten-free pizzas. Yvette's very tiny kitchen has barely enough room for the four ovens in which her workers bake the pizzas. Yvette signed a lease obligating her to pay the rent for the four ovens for the next year. Because of this, and because Yvette's kitchen cannot fit more than four ovens, Yvette cannot change the number of ovens she uses in her production of pizzas in the short run. However, Yvette's decision regarding how many workers to use can vary from week to week because her workers tend to be students. Each Monday, Yvette lets them know how many workers she needs for each day of the week. In the short run, these workers arevariable inputs, and the ovens arefixed inputs.



In the short run, these workers are variable inputs, and the ovens arefixed inputs. TRUE


The statement is true. The worker are defined on a weekly basis at will by Yvette hence, short-term thus variable input.

In the other hand; the oven were leased for the entire year thus, unchangable in the short run. Yvette's decition about the number of oven in her kitchen is a long-term decition as currently are fixed.

You buy a 7 percent, 25-year, $1,000 par value floating rate bond in 1999. By the year 2004, rates on bonds of similar risk are up to 9 percent. What is your one best guess as to the value of the bond


The best guess to the value of a bond is $1000

The following information should be considered:

  • The floation rate bond is the bond where the coupon rate should be changed and it should be changed as per the market condition.
  • So here the price of the bond remains the same or we can say it should be constant.

Therefore we can conclude that The best guess to the value of a bond is $1000

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The best guess to the value of bond is $1000.


The best guess to the value of a bond is $1000 because the flotation rate bonds are those bonds where coupon rate varies according to the market situation. Therefore, we can say that the coupon rate in the case of flotation bonds is based upon the rate of LIBOR, etc.  Generally, the bond value remains the same and there will be no capital gain or loss to the investor.

Ultra Day Spa provided $94,850 of services during Year 1. All customers paid for the services with credit cards. Ultra submitted the credit card receipts to the credit card company immediately. The credit card company paid Ultra cash in the amount of face value less a 1 percent service charge. Required a. Show the credit card sales (Event 1) and the subsequent collection of accounts receivable (Event 2) in a horizontal statements model like the one shown next. In the Statement of Cash Flows column, indicate whether the item is an operating activity (OA), investing activity (IA), or financing activity (FA). (Enter any decreases to account balances with a minus sign. Not all cells in the "Statement of Cash Flows" column may require an input - leave cells blank if there is no corresponding input needed.)


Answer and Explanation :

The presentation is shown below:

As per the data given in the question,

Assets =  Liabilities   +   Equity    Revenue -  Expenditure = Net income Cash flow

Cash + Acc. Rev.

NA      $94,850  NA       $94,850 $94,850        NA                $94,850      NA

$93,901.5 -$94,850 NA    -$948.5   NA           -$948.5          -$948.5   $93,901.5

We simply present the transactions on the financial statements

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