What events led to unification of France?


Answer 1

In the 1860s, Prussia under Bismarck used force to unify the various German states. The first war of unification was the Danish War in 1862, followed by the Austro-Prussian war in 1866. Finally, Bismarck used the Franco-Prussian war of 1870-71 to complete unification.

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Tell me 3 facts about xuchal! please


xuchal is something that will make someone pass out (sleeping)
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This works much better, and after drinking from a xuchal contaminated pond, the pack of dogs quickly falls asleep.

Potions, VooDoo maybe, or maybe popularity. I'm not too sure, but those are my best answers, my bruh. Also, perfect girl is a fact.

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Give a Simple, but full answer.


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Also, throughout the war, all items that were of any value were kept by the soldiers and brought back into America when the war was over or due to the large amounts of silverware found in the raided rich parts of Germany would have fetched a good price.

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Nova net slavery continued in Washington dc but slave trading was banned 

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