There are about 1.5 grams of fat in 1 tablespoon of hummus. How many grams of fat are in 2 1/2 cups of hummus? ( Note: 16. Tablespoons = 1 cup )


Answer 1
Answer: 2 and 1/2=2.5cups
2.5 times 16=40tablespoons

1.5 times 40=60
60 grams
Answer 2
Answer: 1.5 x 16 =24
24 x 2 = 48
48 + 1/2 of 24 = 12+48 = 60 grams of fat in
2 1/2 cups of hummus

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1) 3(2x + 10) = 54 ​
Given AABC. m LA= 39°MLB=104°AC= 20cmmLC=AB =CB -
Given: CB bisects ∠ACD and m∠ACB is 30°. Find m∠BCD.

Write an equation for the line representing each of the following situations.A driving range charges $10 per bucket of golf balls.Car rental agency charges $100 plus $0.30 per kilometre.Floor installers charge $50 plus $1 per square meter.Book binding costs $15 plus $0.12 per page.


y=10x\n\n y=0.3x+100\n\n y=x+50\n\n y=0.12x+15

Finding KLM in this problem, if you could also explain it, that would be nice :)


The measure of angle KLM is 37°.


Given data:

m(ar JN) = 140° and m(ar KM) 66°

To find the angle KLM:

If two secants intersect outside a circle, then the measure of angle formed is one half of the difference of the measures of the intercepted arcs.

$\Rightarrow\angle KLM=(1)/(2)(m(ar \  JN)-m(ar  \ KM))

$\Rightarrow\angle KLM=(1)/(2)(140^\circ-66^\circ)

$\Rightarrow\angle KLM=(1)/(2)(74^\circ)

$\Rightarrow\angle KLM=37^\circ

The measure of angle KLM is 37°.

Which of the equations shown have infinitely many solutions?Select all that apply.
A 3x - 1 = 3x + 1
® 2x - 1 = 1 - 2x
© 3x - 2 =2x-3
D 3(x - 1) = 3x - 3​


The answer is D because if you distribute, you get: 3x-3=3x-3
And anything you plug in for X has the same solution on both sides of the equation



Step-by-step explanation:

In order to have infinitely many solutions, the lines must be the same.

If we solve D by using the distributive property, we end up withe 3x-3=3x-3.

3x-3 and 3x-3 are the same lines and intersect infinitely many times, therefore the correct answer is D.

You brought 1.5 dozen bagels to school. A dozen bagels cost $5.98. You used a coupon that took $1.00 off of the total. How much did you pay for the bagels?


Answer: He would pay $7.97 for the bagel.

Step-by-step explanation:

Since we have given that

Number of dozen bagels he brought to school = 1.5

Cost of a dozen = $5.98

Total cost of 1.5 dozen bagels he brought to school is given by

1.5* 5.98\n\n=\$8.97

According to question, he used a coupon that took $1.00 off of the total .

so, it becomes


Hence, he would pay $7.97 for the bagel.

1 Dozen = 12
1 Dozen = $5.98
1/2 Dozen = 6
1/2 Dozen = $2.99

Add 1 Dozen ($5.98) and 1/2 Dozen ($2.99) Which Equals= $8.97 then subtract the $1.00 Coupon So final answer is $7.97 for 1.5 dozen bagels.

When working with rational expressions, restricted values are values of your variable that results in an undefined rational expression. Given the following rational expressions: 2x+4/x^2−x−6 and 2/x−3 Determine whether the rational expressions are equivalent and explain your answer. Determine the values that would make the rational expressions undefined. Are these values the same or different? Explain.



See below

Step-by-step explanation:

2x+4 / x^2-x-6

= 2(x+2)/(x-3)(x+2)

= 2/(x-3)

So the 2 expressions are equivalent

The values of x which make the expressions undefined are those values which make the denominators 0

For 2x+4/ x^2-x-6 they are X=3 and x= -2.

For 2/x-3 they are x =3.

Need  ONLY     3   &  4, Thank you all in advance!!!!!!!!!!


3.her debt lowered cause negative means below 0 so 45 is less than 30