Please help with this one and only question
please help with this one and only question - 1


Answer 1
Answer: It would be 20 because since she want square now instead of rectangle all you have to do is divide split each rectangle in the middle . which means 2 x 10 = 20

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What percent of 75 is 10?Which of the following choices can be used to solve this problem?r = 10 × 75r = 10/75p = 10/75p = 10 × 75
3.14 is a terminating decimal true or false?
Find the mean of this set of numbers.5, –11, 7, 12, –1, 0A.2B.–2C.–6D.6
a proportional relationship is a liner relationship because the rate of change is constant (and equal to the constant of proportionality ).what is required of a proportional relationship that is not required of a general line relationship?

A company offers premium cable for 39.95 per month plus a one time setup fee. the total cost for setup and 6 monthes of service is 264.70.a.write an equation in point slope form to find the total price y for any number of monthes x.(hint:the point (6,264.70)is a solution to the equation.)
b.write the equation in slope intercept form.
c.what is the setup fee?​


Final answer:

The setup fee for the cable service can be found by creating an equation using the given point and solving for the y-intercept. This y-intercept, in this context, represents the setup fee.


Firstly, we understand that the cost per month for the premium cable is $39.95. Considering this cost as a rate, we can say that the total monthly cost can be calculated by multiplying the number of months with the rate per month. The setup fee is a fixed cost, and thus it doesn't change with the number of months.

To find this setup fee, we need to find the y-intercept. In this situation, the y-intercept, denoted usually as b in the slope-intercept form equation y = mx + b, is the setup fee.

So let's solve it step-by-step:

  1. Given the point (6, 264.70) substitutes into the equation as x and y. We can set up the following equation from this point: 264.70 = 39.95*6 + b.
  2. After multiplying and subtracting, we solve for b. The value of b comes out to be the setup fee.

So, the setup fee is found out by subtracting from the total cost of 6 months, the cost of the cable service for these 6 months.

Learn more about slope-intercept form here:


Jason, Erik, and Jamie are friends in art class. The teacher randomly chooses 2 of the 21 students in the class to work together on a project. What is the probability that two of these three friends will be chosen?


Now THAT's a problem !
Lemme at it !  Outa my way !

The probability of picking two of the friends to work together is

             (the number of pairs of friends there are)
divided by
             (the total number of pairs that can be pulled out of 21 students).

The number of pairs of friends there are is  (3 x 2) / 2  =  3 pairs.

The total number of pairs that can be selected out of 21 students is

                                           (21 x 20) / 2  =  210 pairs.

The probability that the pair selected will be two of the friends is

                       3 / 210  =  1/70  =  about 1.43 %  (rounded)

Help with number 7 I forgot how you find the retail sale price markdwon


I had these kind of questions in my exams recently.... hope this helps Xx

brady joined the band.In group 1 there are a total of 44 students.There are 8 students who play the oboe.There are 1 over 2 as many students playing the clarinet as the flute.How many students from group 1 play each instrument


There are 44 students total (in the group), so the number of oboe players, the number of clarinet players, and the number of flute players all add to 44.
b + c + f = 44
We know that there are 8 oboe players, so:
8 + c + f = 44
Subtract 8 from both sides
c + f = 36
There are half(1/2) as many people playing the clarinet as the flute. so however many people play the flute, there are half that number playing clarinet. We can say that the number of clarinet players = 1/2 * the number of flute players.
c = 1/2 * f
Plug 1/2 * f into the previous equation for c...
c + f = 36
1/2 * f + f = 36
Divide all the terms by 1/2, a.k.a. multiply by 2
f + 2f = 72
3f = 72
f = 24
So, there are 24 flute players. Plug that number back into one of our old equations:
c + f = 36
c + 24 = 36
c = 12
There are 8 oboe players, 12 clarinet players, and 24 flute players.

Identify the domain of the function shown in the graph.



x is all real numbers

Step-by-step explanation:

Domain is the set of all values of x for which the function is defined.

Range is the set of all y values for which the function is defined

From the given graph , we have graph for all values for x.

The graph is continuous and smooth. there is no restriction for x.

So , the domain is all real numbers

x is all real numbers

C. x is all real numbers

What does the word range mean in math


The range is the difference between the highest and lowest value. 

For example: Find the range of the number set, 1, 8, 5, 10, 5, 4. 
Here, the highest value is 10.
Lowest value is 1.
Therefore, 10 - 9 = 8.
8 is our range. 
The range is like the difference between the highest and the lowest numbers. To find the range you just subtract the min from the max and that's your range. I attached a file to help you remember. GOOD LUCK! (;