Why did the Roman Empire last longer in the east ​


Answer 1

the Roman's split the empire in two the East And West since the country was to big to rule by few people the west had the capital of rome while the east had the captial of Istanbul. in the West we will call them Roman's while in the east we will call them Byzantines. in the west the Roman's had more significant problems such as revolts and invasions from the Germanic Tribes which eventually overwhelmed the Roman's which caused them to fall a other major cause is economic downfall as the romans were fighting in so many wars at that time they couldn't even pay thier soldiers properly. in the east the byzantines were fighting a war with the persians and keep in mind they were still part of the Roman empire just split up until rome fell then they became the byzantium empire. anyways in the east they had rebellions but not major ones and they also had other Nations around them but most of them never posted a threat except for Persia a other significant cause is that byzantine was mostly never under threat and were basicly in only one war against Persia unlike rome which were against multiple after rome fell byzantium empire was born they took back rome for a while then lost it and kept losing land to revolts and tribes around the middle east then the ottomans came and killed em basicly in the 1400's

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Check the 3 parts of the Missouri Compromise. 1.Free and Slave states must enter the Union in pairs.2.Slavery was legal above the 36-30 line.3.California entered as a free state.4.Missouri entered as a slave state.5.Banned the slave trade in Washington, D.C.6.All territories could vote on the issue of slavery.7.Slavery was banned above the 36-30 line.​
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Which are steps taken by the first emperor of a united China to unify the country and solve its problems?Choose all answers that are correct.

forced peasants to pay their taxes in coins instead of crops

built network of roads and canals

standardized currency

established a national religion


The emperor did many things to unite China. Including building The Great Wall, standardizing currency and weight measures and building roads from and to many places inside the country.

That being acknowledged, there are only two answers that represent those deeds. The correct answers are:

B.  built network of roads and canals

C.  standardized currency

it's B and C. Since standardized currency and a network of woods and canals united them. 

Which title is often used to describe James Madison? A. Father of the Constitution B. Father of his Country C. Sage of Monticello D. Hero of the Revolution


"A. Father of the Constitution" would be a phrase often used to describe James Madison, since he was its main champion (along with Alexander Hamilton) and authored the Bill of Rights.

Answer: A. Father of the Constitution

1) why is the territory containing Rome called the papal states ?


This is where the Roman Catholic Church is and it is where the Pope lives so that is why its called the papal states
Vatican city is where the Pope settle

Daniel Webster of Massachusetts was against slavery but he agreed to compromise on the issue. Why?


The main reason why Daniel Webster of Massachusetts was against slavery but he agreed to compromise on the issue was because he understand that without compromise nothing would get done.

Daniel Webster was an American statesman who represented New Hampshire and Massachusetts in Congress. Webster contributed to the passage of the Compromise of 1850 which helped to appease a 4-year confrontation between slave and free states. Although he was opposed to numerous pro-slave policies the southern states proposed, he concluded that a full agreement between both sides was improbable and decided to accept some pro-slavery terms, such as Fugitive Slave provision in order to reach a compromise.

A poem describes a heroic girl escaping danger. One verse of the poem describes her as a "teenage Lara Croft." Lara Croft is an athletic and intelligent video game character who explores dangerous tombs and ancient ruins. What type of allusion does the author create?


This is an example of what we call a cultural allusion.

Explained briefly, a cultural allusion is a brief, indirect reference to something with a historical, cultural, literary or political relationship. It can be a person, a  place, a thing, or even an idea. It's important to note that it not always detail the person, place or thing to which it refers.

As the main character in a videogame series, Lara Croft is part of modern culture, therefore being a modern culture allusion in this example.

Have a great week!

The author is making a cultural allusion, comparing the character to something in our present day culture.

what issue did the missouri compromise address? how did the northern and southern attitudes towards  slavery differ?


The Missouri Compromise was the laws that enacted in 1820 to maintain the balance of power between slave and free states. Henry Clay wanted Missouri (state) to be a free or a slave state but the Southerns claimed that the Constitution did not give the Congress the power to ban slavery. THey would worry that if free states formed a majority in Congress, they would ban slavery altogether. Meanwhile, Maine wanted to be part of the statehood, so Henry Clay suggested that Missouri could be a slave state and Maine as a free state but the Congress passes the Missouri Compromise so Maine became a free state and Missouri as a slave state (I think?). Among these tensions, the Mason Dixon line formed the Maryland and PA border. The line came to be used for the division between the slave states and free states, as well as the division between the north and south.(I hoped I answered your question!!)