Which measure of central tendency best describes situation the favorite fruit sold in the cafeteria explain


Answer 1


the mode

Step-by-step explanation:

The mode of a set of data values is the value that appears most often. if it is the favorite, it will have the most votes so it will be what appears most often

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Three copies of a book cost $20. Use equivalent ratios to find the cost of nine copies of the book.
What is the answer to 9a-3{a-6}=-6
One size of cardboard can be purchased in sheets that are 3/16 inch thick. The sheets of cardboard are stacked on top of each other in packages. The height of each stack is 2 1/4 inches. How many number of sheets are in a stack

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1. Not rhombus

2. Rhombus

3. Rhombus

Step-by-step explanation:

The little lines you see represent the size. So if you see one line on all sides, its a rhombus. If you see 1 line on one side, 2 lines on two sides, and 3 on the last side, it is not a rhombus.

Look for the lines.

Explain how you know 21 over 30 is greater than 2 over 3


So we need to explain how we know 21/30 is greater than 2/3. Well lets expand 2/3 by multiplying the numerator and the denumerator by 10. That way we get 20 / 30. Since 21/30 has 1/30 more than 20/30 we can clearly see that 21/30 is greater than 20/30 or 2/3.

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Help with expanded notation, how do u do this!? Number 15 and 16


I think that # 15 is 10,000 + 400 + 50 + 6 and #16 is 100,000 + 80,000 + 70 + 5. It's really simple to figure out; just find the number in the place value and, for how many digits after it, substitute zeros (if that makes sense).

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15: 10,000 + 400 + 50 + 8

16: 100,000 + 80,000 + 70 + 5

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Step-by-step explanation:

I have a bag of trail mix. One half of the bag is peanuts 1/4 of the bag is chocolate candies,1/4 of the bag is dried fruit. What is the probability that I will select a peanut?


50% or 1/2 or 1:2 would be your answer

Can i get help with math? (picture provided) grade 9
13-18 ​



I dont know what you are supposed to answer with but I'll try to help you out. I take it that you have to find the letter ex. the letter d in 1/2d = 7. What you have to do is to get the d by itself and in order to do that you must move the 1/2 over to the 7. So what you would have to do is take the fraction that has the letter on it and move it to the whole number side or the side without the letter but without moving the d.The d stays on one side while the other numbers are on the other side. When you move the 1/2 over it should look like this sort of due to the limitations of only being able to use text: d = 7 ÷ 1/2. Now after that you have to divide 7 by 1/2 or .5 for question 13 in this instance. Your answer for 13 should be this: d=4.5Makesuretoshowallyourworkjustincase.

13. d = 4.5

14. 18 = f


16.-24 = r

17. 0.125 = y

18. -3 = v

Hope I could help as I am also a fellow 9th grader


13) d= 14
14) f= 18
15) s= -9
16) r= -24
17) y= 1/8
18) v= -3

13) multiply both sides by 2
14) multiply bothsides by 6 then divide both sides by 5
15) multiply both sides by 3 then divide both sides by 2
16) multiply both sides by 8 then divide both sides by -3
17) divide both sides by 4/5
18) divide both side by 1/4

13) -4= -b -1/3b and -23/3= 1/2a + 5/3a