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Answer 1


a) distance from plane to swimmer = 2127.66 m

b)  distance from swimmer to point D = 1928.31 m

Step-by-step explanation:

Given the question,

height at which the plane is = 900m

angle of depression = 25°

If we closely observe, the whole scene is making an right angle triangle

So, we can use trigonometry identities


cosФ = BD / AB

cos (90-25) = 900 / AB

0.423 = 900 /AB

AB = 2127.66 m


sinФ = AD/AB

sin(90-25) = AD /2127.66

AD =  sin(90-25) x 2127.66

AD = 1928.31m

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Step-by-step explanation:

Carson had x number of apples to start with.

He gave 1/3 to Nathan. Now Carson has (2/3)x apples left.

He gave 1/2 of what was left to Nikki. Now Carson has (1/2)(2/3)x = (2/6)x = (1/3)x apples.

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3/12 x = 9

1/4 x = 9

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Answer: He picked 36 apples.


Start with 36 apples.

Give 1/3 to Nathan. Now Carson has 24 apples.

Give 1/2 to Nikki. Now Carson has 12 apples.

Drop 1/4. 1/4 of 12 is 3. 12 - 3 = 9.

Hew only had 9 apples left, so 36 is correct.


36 apples

Step-by-step explanation

Step 1  = he dropped 1/4  and was left with 9  

Finding 1/3 one third of 9 = 3.

Then 9 +3 = 12

Step 2 He parted with 1/2 and was left with 12


Step 3 He parted with 1/3 and was left with 24

= 12+ 12 + 12  = 36    Where 1/3 of 36 = 24

Answer = 36

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20÷100=0.2 ×45=9 is the answer


The final answer is 36

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Answer: B. 36 feet.

Number of strings = 8

Step-by-step explanation:

From , the given line plot, the number of strings used by Mario = Number of cross on the line plot

i.e. Number of strings used by Mario =  8

Now by the given line plot , the sum of all the observations will be ( multiply all values by their corresponding frequencies or crosses and add ) :-


Now, the total length of ribbon used by Mario = Sum of all the observations

Hence, the total length of ribbon used by Mario 36 feet.


its A

Step-by-step explanation:

A dictionary 3g or 3kg


A dictionary would weight about 3kg. 
3g is less than a tea spoon in mass! 
It would be 3 kg because the dictionary I have is about 5 kg.