Match the numbers with the letters1. a person who seeks safety in a foreign country
2. to divide into smaller, usually hostile, regions
3. the link between geography and politics
4. a government-controlled farm
5. foreign control of another nation
6. mass killing
7. a person with no permanent dwelling place who moves from one place to another
8. a nation able to influence global events

A. balkanize
B. collective
C. genocide
D. geopolitical
E. imperialism
F. nomad
G. refuge
H. superpower


Answer 1


1 - g

2 - a

3 - d

4 - b

5 - e

6 - c

7 - f

8 - h


1 - g: Refuge is a noun that refers to a place that involves safeness for a person called refugee, known for the act of leaving his/her home place in the search of a better place to stay, commonly in a foreign country.

2 - a: Balkanization is a geopolitical term that involves the fragmentation of a region into smaller regions, understood as the result of foreign policies.

3 - d: Geopolitical is the science that study the effects of the country's geographycs locations and its politics relations between each other.

4 - b: Collective is a term use to refer to a group of entities linked between each other for a common interest that they share and try to achieve.

5 - e: Imperialism is an ideology known for the expantion of a nation's rules to others foreign nations, commonly by domination using force.

6 - c: Genocide is the act of destroying people by intention. In much cases these people have a common characteristic between them, like religion, nationality, etc.

7 - f: Nomad is a noun that refers to a person that has no permanent place to stay so it needs to keep moving from one place to another the whole time. Generaly in the past eras, where the people couldn't build a safe home, used to keep changing places to stay so that they could stay safe or they could stay close to their food, in most cases, animal food.  

8 - h: Superpower means the situation where a nation is so powerfull that its actions make effects all around the globe and influence the whole context of others countries. This is done thanks to a combination of economic, military, cultural and technological strengh.

Answer 2










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The Statue of Liberty was a gift from the French

Hope this helps : )




France’s gift and dedication to the US for the Declaration of the Independence. Thus the Statue is made aptly, depicting the Roman goddess of freedom, Liberta. The Statue, that way also represents friendship, liberty and openness.

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B. Travel across the seas was often difficult and limited trade and communication.

C. The rivers were navigable and allowed for travel and communication.

D. Living in the mountains kept groups of people separated from each other and made travel difficult.


Travel across the oceans was frequently difficult and restricted trade and communication, while living in the mountains kept groups of people apart from one another and made travel challenging. These facts reflect how independent city-states evolved in Ancient Greece.

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The Greeks achieved significant advances in astronomy, mathematics, philosophy, and medicine. Greek culture placed a high value on literature and theatre, which has affected modern play.

The Greeks are renowned for their intricate architecture and sculpture. Philosophy, Modern mathematics, sculpture, science, and even medicine were largely created by the Greeks.

They even made the water wheel, the alarm clock, the catapult, and even the vending machine using some of their newfound knowledge.

Therefore, options B and D are correct, that the Greeks  Living in the highlands kept groups of people apart and complicated travel because crossing the oceans was frequently difficult and limited trade and communication.

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this would be b and d

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the corrext awnser is b.


The correct answer is in fact B. helping to boost morale during the winter at valley forge.


I just took the test and can confirm that the correct answer is in fact B, here's the proof of the exact test question

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 its A- great demands arose in Europe for Eastern luxuries. 

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The answer is false.

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