Kevin buys a car. His car payment is $248 per month.After 55 payments how much was Kevin paying?


Answer 1


hes paid 13,640

Step-by-step explanation:

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This is a question from Khan Academy:A company makes spherical tanks that store chemicals. Their standard model has a diameter of 666 meters, but a customer needs a larger tank whose capacity is 2.52.52, point, 5 times the volume of the standard model. Sanjay wants to make a smaller pyramid using the same mold, so he plans to fill the mold 2 cm from the top.What is the approximate volume of this smaller pyramid?Round to the nearest cubic centimeter.
mr. Nichols grows lettuce on his farm he watered 3 1/2 acres so far today he also begun fertilizing 1/4 of those acres how many acres of lettuce has he watered and fertilized so far today
(100 Points!)Are the terms like terms?2x + 2x^1YesNo
How do i decompose 393+ 264 =657 on three lines
Wright 6.789 in word form

Which statement correctly compares 11/20 and 4/7?A:11/20=4/7


When you put 11/20 as a decimal it's 0.55. When you put 4/7 as a decimal it's 0.57. So your answer would be C. 11/20 < 4/7
the answer for this question is c. 11/20 4/7

Which of the following values are zeros for the functions below? Select all that apply. g(x)=(x62+4x-12)(x-3)


Too Confusing !!

but I think it's



=x+6 = 0

-6 -6


x-2 = 0

+2 +2


x-3 = 0

+3 +3


The zeros are {-6, 2, 3}

hope this helps ! :)

A rhombus has a perimeter of 217cm. How do I find the length of each side?


since a rhombus has 4 equal sides, you can do 217 ÷ 4 which is 54.25, so each angle is 54.25 cm long.
A rhombus has 4 equal sides,, so divide 217 by 4.

Patrick was recognized by the Catholic Church as a saint because of his successful work as a __________.A.pope


I am pretty sure that answer is C.
I believe pope would be the answer, because The Pope is a bishop for the Roman Catholic Church

Write 0.423 as a percent


The percent form of a number is,

⇒ 42.3%

We have to given that,

To write a number 0.423 as a percent.

Now, We can write a number as a percent as,

⇒ 0.423

⇒ 0.423 x 100%

⇒ 42.3%

Therefore, The percent form of a number is,

⇒ 42.3%

Learn more about the percent visit:


In order to get 0.423 to a percent you have to multiply 0.423 by 100 which leaves you with 42.3%

Is 3/10 equivalent to 9/30


yes it is because if you multiply 3*3=9 
then what you do on top you do on the bottom 10*3=30
yes i belive so because if you added 3 teths 3 times its 9/30 and its yes