1. List two things Lyddie appreciates and two things she does not like about living in the boardinghouse.?


Answer 1
Answer: 1 she appreciates because she often gets paid

2 has somewhere to live 

1 has to cook and do many things 

2 has to be working all the time

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When you divide a whole number by a decimal less than 1, the quotient is greater than the whole number. Why?


Because that's how many times the quotient goes into the whole number.100 divided by 4 = 25100 divided by a lesser number than 4, say 2, = 50100 divided by an even lesser number than 4, say 1, = 100.

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a decimal is the answer to your question

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Cells need to be able to obtain and use energy, make new cells, exchange materials, and eliminate wastes. Hope this helped~


1. Obtain

2. Sue energy

3. Make new cells

4. Eliminate wastes.


is the word sandwich a compound word?


No it isnt because sand is a word and BUT WICH IS NOT A WORD be carefull with compund words !
Nope but for example seashell is a compound noun coz sea and shell are both actual words whereas sand is a word but wich isnt xx

Can Someone Please Write Me 4 Sentences On Why There Should Be No Homework!!!☻☻☺☺☺☻


home work is just a reson to get in trouble by parents. it takes so much time to do home work.  it also will get you less time to hang out or socalize. it also causes a lot of stresing out
Homework has been proven to cause students unnecessary stress. School only has a month left and most students have been working very hard for the past 8 months. If a teacher teaches enough in the classroom there should be no reason for extra work, considering school is in session for 8 hours and the remainder of our day should be spent relaxing. Some students does not have a quiet place at home to complete homework, resulting in  negative score, your school grades should only reflect what you do inside the school building, and on school organized trips, not what you do at home. ; Hope this helps ;)

Which revision best corrects the errors in the given sentence? A firm handshake like a friendly smile, a pleasant attitude, and good manners is a valuable asset in life.

A firm handshake—like a friendly smile, a pleasant attitude, and good manners—is a valuable asset in life.

A firm handshake: like a friendly smile; a pleasant attitude; and good manners, is a valuable asset in life.


A firm handshake, like a friendly smile, a pleasant attitude, and good manners—is a valuable asset in life.


The answer is A :)
Hoped this help

Hmm most likely seems A